Tig Torch Stand Holder – Magnetic Tig Rest

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Perhaps the most notable issue faced by a TIG welding operator is where to put the torch when not welding. Often it is draped across the welding machine or just left on the bench which leads to breakages of critical Tig torch components. An ideal solution is to use a Magnetic Tig Torch Stand to mount the torch when not in use. The magnetic tig holders can accommodate left or right handed operation and affix easily to any surface capable of magnetic adhesion. The magnetic tig holders include a bolt mount for securing the stand to the magnetic base cup. Although a novel concept it is best to use a specialised magnetic job clamp for such as found in our Magnetic Job Clamp Section.

The tig torch rest can be purchased here for $29 or added as an option to any Tig welding Machine or Tig welding torch for $22.


red tig torch stand magnetic base

red tig torch stand magnetic base



Metalmaster red tig torch stand with magnetic base

Metalmaster red tig torch stand with magnetic base



Magnetic Tig Torch Stand

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Back Purging Regulator – Dual Flow Meter

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Back Purging Argon Regulator

Back Purging Argon Regulator

Introducing the Metalmaster back purging tig welding shielding gas regulator with dual bubble flow meters designed to meet the needs of industry where purging is required during the welding process. The AR-101AP is the ideal welding regulator to use for back purging your welds as it features 2 x bubble flow meters mounted back to back. A Y piece allows either flow meter to be turned off so that purging can be deactivated easily. The regulator has 2 x  bobbin style flow meters to enable accurate dispensding of shielding gas from 1 litre per minute up to 25 litres per minute. The bubble flow meters argon shielding gas and this style of regulator has become the mainstay for tig welding applications worldwide.

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Nitrous Oxide – Buy your own bottle and refill easily

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Buy your own nitrous oxide bottle

Buy your own nitrous oxide bottle

Buy your own Nitrous Oxide gas bottles from Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies. A C size Nitrous gas cylinder contains 1.8Kg of liquified Nitrous Oxide and is ideal for use in a Nitrous Oxide System as part of an engine boosting solution. The cylinder dimensions are 54cm high x 17cm diameter, the cylinder weight is 6.5Kg.


Empty cylinders may be returned to us for a refill swap at a discounted rate. Nitrous Oxide refill for this cylinder is available here.

Warning: Automotive-grade liquid nitrous oxide differs slightly from medical-grade nitrous oxide. A small amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2) is added to prevent substance abuse.


General Nitrous Oxide Information:

When nitrous oxide is injected into a suitable race engine, the nitrous oxide, commonly referred to a “NITROUS” allows a combustion engine to burn more fuel by providing a greater amount of oxygen at the precise moment it is required resulting in a more powerful fuel/air detonation. On it’s own nitrous as a gas is not flammable at low temperature or pressure but when it enters the combustion chamber of a hot engine the oxygen and nitrogen molecules break apart freeing up the oxygen to bond with the fuel and combust. Additional fuel is added to keep the fuel air ratio from leaning out causing engine damage. Another benefit is that the gas is stored as a liquid and when it vaporises in the inlet manifold, the gas molecules absorb heat in order to expand thus creating a densely packed fuel charge further adding to the horsepower boost. Nitrous oxide must be used with a fuel delivery and injection system.

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Mine Compliant Braided Extension Leads For Tig Welding Plasma Machines

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Mine sites and Work sites for that matter contain hazards that may be mitigated by the use of specialised equipment. When it comes to welding extension leads, The Powersafe Earth Screened Extension Lead could save your Life!

All Extension Leads are fitted with IP66 plug and socket for use outdoors and on mine sites Australia wide. Leads are available with 1.5mm^2 copper conductors or 2.5mm^2 for increased amperage on larger welding equipment. Equally the IP66 plugs and sockets are available in 10 amp or 15 amp 3 pin single phase configuration.

What are Braided Leads?

Mine Compliant Braided Extension Leads

Mine Compliant Braided Extension Leads

A braided lead or armoured cable is internally the same as a normal
extension lead however the addition  of a tinned copper braid around the
diameter of the cable that is then covered by
another UV stabilised PVC outer sheath.
The tinned copper braid is then connected to the
earth pin at the plug and socket end so if the lead
is damaged then there is more potential for the
electricity to flow to the earth path tripping the
RCD, or earth safety protection device, preventing
electrocution to personnel and protecting
equipment. These mine spec extension leads are ideal
to suit our range of mine compliant welders in Australia
Due to the inherent nature of its construction the
braided lead is far more durable and tough than a
standard extension lead and with IP66 plug and
socket it can be used in wet and dry conditions.

-1.5mm² cable for 10amp & 2.5mm² cable for 15amp

IP 66 Plugs and Sockets

IP 66 Plugs and Sockets

– Triple insulated cable
– Tinned copper braid is connected to the earth
for additional protection
– Australian Certified IP66 3 pin plug and socket
– Heavy duty strain reliefs
-Super flexible cable eliminates tangles and provides
longer life expectancy than standard cable
– Reduced electromagnetic interference
– Impact tested to 100 Joule
– Manufactured to Australian & New Zealand
standards AS/NZS 3112,3120,3191 & 3199

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New Welding Magnets & Chain Pliers Clamp

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We have added a few new models of welding magnets to the line up already available from the Tokentools Welding Supplies Online Store.

Magswitch Magvise 400

magvise magnetic switchable welding vise

Magvise magnetic switchable welding vise

The Magswitch Magvise 400 is Multi Angle Magnetic Vice, the model number is 8100438. A switchable vice that can be used on any magnetic surface with all magnetic materials. The Magvise 400 multi angle MagVise sets up in seconds and holds flat, round or odd shaped pieces. Perfect for drilling, cutting, grinding and bevelling of small to medium size pieces. Double as a multi angle work holding tool.

Product Details
• Max Breakaway: 181 kg
• Full Saturation Thickness: 3.43mm
• 2:1 Shear Working Load: 9 kg
• Net Weight: 1.2 kg
• Overall Height: 95 mm
• Magnetic Pole Footprint: 64 x 41.26 mm


Magswitch Keychain Magnet

magswitch keychain magnet

As the name suggests, it is a keychain magnet. Despite it’s simple appearance it still can be used to hold work pieces together or hang keys on a fridge. The right angle side allows for tacking up small jobs where 90 degree angles are required. The product can be purchased here

Max Breakaway: 60 lbs/27 kg
2:1 Shear Working Load: 17 lbs/7 kg
Net Weight: 0.2 lbs/0.1 kg
Overall Height: 44.6 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint: 56mm x 16mm


Stronghand Locking Chain Pliers

stronghand locking chain pliers Stronghand PC924 locking chain pliers are a universal hand clamping tool ideal for locking together irregular shapes before welding.

Holds 6″ (152 mm) pipes with the standard 24″ (60 mm) chain.

  • Clamp around odd or awkwardly shaped items.
  • Hold two workpieces, or a group of materials securely in place while you weld.
  • The ONLY Locking Chain Pliers with replaceable chains of various lengths! Chain lengths from 16″ (400 mm) to 48″ (1,220 mm). * Custom length chains available.
  • Made of heat treated alloy steel for strength and durability.

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