Upon first use of the Mill, one thing that bugged me was the time taken to set up a job. In wood work you often use a device called a fence to guide your wood along while cutting. Why not make something similar for the mill, thus Perpedge was created. I needed something that could be set up within 30 seconds using only a right angle square. I also needed relatively good accuracy without being anal about it.

You line it up off the bed using a right angle square. A proper square of course not a cheapo one.

You tighten the bolts which are threaded through T Nuts on the bottom.

Here it is, bright and tight.

Now for a test of accuracy. The dial indicator is on the zero mark at the back of the table.

The result is 1/2 a graduation. This is an imperial indicator so in metric there are 40 graduations to the millimetre. 1/2 a graduations is 1 80th of a millimetre. This kind of accuracy is good enough for most stuff I do

Here is an example of how I use it. Butt up the work and clamp it.