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Air Compressor Hose Attachments

February 15th, 2011

Air Compressor Hose Attachments

Clean Air Ducts = Better Health   by Steven Rendon

Surprisingly enough it never occurs to most people to check their air ducts for maintenance. A lot of people never clean them so just imagine what can build up in those tubes that direct your airflow. Vicious dust bunnies, unwanted insects or even mold can collect up there. Keep in mind these are the same air ducts your air condition vents through which you inhale on a daily basis. That alone can cause serious health risks to you and your family. Mold especially is something you should never take lightly, for example black mold is extremely dangerous and the spores can cause a major respiratory illness. We can’t stress it enough on how important it is to check your ducts on a yearly basis especially if you live in an area with a lot of humidity. The health and safety of your family is very important and should never be jeopardized by the lack of treatment of your home.
One thing to take into account though is the complexity of cleaning ducts. It’s a very difficult process, which requires a professional company like Super Restoration to get the job done properly. With the right equipment hired help is just a call away. Here are some of the ways Super Restoration cleans air ducts.
Using an air compressor Super Restoration can dislodge everything that would be in your air ducts and get it all out. Doing this is very crucial for the process of cleaning it and with whips attached to the end of the compressor it will help loosen any buildup in your ducts.
Super Restoration also uses air hoses to help clear out any debris in your ducts. With an assortment of attachments Super Restoration can guarantee a fully cleaned air duct free from any unwanted debris. For example brushes to sweep the sides of the air duct of any dirt, mold, bugs and even carcasses. What would you do if you found out you had a dead rat laying in your air duct? That’s just unacceptable to our standards.
Another handy tools Super Restoration uses are industrial vacuums to unclog the ducts and suck up any unwanted items. With our industrial strength vacuums we can reach all areas of your air ducts and clear them up. So remember it is important to use professionals with the proper equipment to do the job right. We strongly suggest not doing it yourself unless you have industrial strength equipment at your disposal. It’s better to make the investment with a professional service to insure a healthier environment for your family to be in. Be amazed with the majority of people that never realize what they’re actually breathing. Contaminated air can go unnoticed until it’s already too late. Any questions or concerns feel free to let Super Restoration know about your situation. We can help.

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