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Lathe & Milling Collets MT3

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

End mills come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different systems for securing end mills but all operate on the same premise, tight hold. My mill has a morse taper of 3 also known as MT3. I decided to purchase a collet set as this was in my case least expensive. You can opt for MT3 collets instead of a collet chuck however the process of changing them is the same as removing / installing the collet chuck. If you need to change collets regularly, a collet chuck is quickest. Why not just use a drill chuck to hold the end mill? This will result in movement of the end mill which will affect the finish of the job. The collet holds everything tight. My collet set goes up to 16mm which does most jobs. For my 20mm end mills, I need to buy a collet that will go into the spindle direct.

This is my collet set. It contains collets, a collet chuck and a collet chuck key.

This is a collet.

The collet is tapered so that when the chuck is tightened, the collet is pushed back into the collet holder causing it to compress. The compression force secures the end mill.

The collet chuck is basically a hollow nut that screws over the collet and onto the collet holder. The nut then pushes the collet back into the hjolder causing it to compress into the direction of it’s axis.

This is what it looks like when you fit a 12mm 2 flute end mill.

The other end of the collet holder has a threaded hole in it. This threaded hole points upward when the holder is inserted into the milling machine spindle. The drawbar is threaded into the hole.

Threading the drawbar into the collet chuck before pushing the assembly up into the spindle. The black thing on the right is the cover for the splined shaft in the picture on the right.

Once the assembly is pushed up into the spindle, the draw bar pockes out of the spindle drive shaft. A washer and nut is fitted and the whole thing tightened. The nut pulls the draw bar up and this brings friction forces against the taper of the spindle. The tighter you tighten the harder it holds. There is no need to tighten too hard anyway as the taper holds well with little force.

I normally stick this wedge in a hole in the spindle shaft to lock it whilst tightening the nut or the collet chuck.

Left or righjt handed. I am a really talented person. LOL.

Finally, a tighten of the chuck and your off.


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Hobby Metalworking Lathe

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

I purchased this lathe on Ebay in Australia for $1650AUD delivered. I had been monitoring lathes for quite some time and finally a brand new one showed up. David runs a great business and is very efficient and has great customer skills. Most of my stuff comes from David. I highly reccomend getting this lathe as I feel it is extremely reasonably priced compared to what you may find in machinery stores.

here are the specs:

*perfect for general machining in tool rooms, maintenance and production shops, cast iron quick-change gear box mkes threading easy.


The lathe has an enclosed gearbox. It has a forward and reverse switch, an emergency stop and a energise button. The energise button merely locks in the power relay that the emergency stop button releases providing the e.s button is out.

There is a label on the carriage. Dahhh you might say, well it’s purpose is still a mystery to me. The direction of carriage travel is subject to the direction of the motor. You can cut both ways if you like and have the carriage automatically advance.


Here is a shot of the carriage near the head.

The stand was included in the price of the lathe. It came with a 6″ 4 jaw chuck, a set of reversible 3 jaw chuck jaws, a drive plate, fixed and travelling steady, dead centres, tools and change gears. I haven’t had a need to change the gears, maybe when the current ones wear out……just kidding, maybe when I need to cut some threads.

The spindle speed range goes from 150 to 2000 RPM. This is a great machine for the stuff I wish to make.

On my shelves I keep the toolbox along with the steadies. I also keep my shop air, don’t you just love that phrase, I should say my piss weak little compressor accessories on the shelves as the compressor is located beneath the lathe.

Here is an overall shot

Here I am trying to turn you on. Isn’t this a sexy machine?

Here is a shot of the 4 way tool holder with a tool in it.

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Bison Lathe Chucks Back

July 30th, 2012 Comments off

Bison Lathe Chucks Back


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Metal Lathes For Sale

July 28th, 2012 Comments off

Metal Lathes For Sale

International Machine Tool Sales Experience Avalanche Down – Oil Pipe Manufacturer   by hi joiney

“with the demand end of last year the bubble finally burst in the financial crisis, a sharp decline in orders for german industry.” german association, xiweierke said recently. according to recent news published in other countries, the industry sales data showed that both the traditional or emerging markets power tools, sales decline in both the avalanche occurred. machine power devastated german association recently released news that the german production this year is expected to fall 40%. in the 5 years after a record peak in 2009, the german production is expected to be restored to 1999 levels. german association, xiweierke said: “in the past two years, the german industry experience can only be used to describe special circumstances.” demand will continue to grow on the blind confidence of the international community led to increased demand for the manufacturing sector to record levels. many large international consumer business through a large-scale expansion of production capacity to make an early decision to lock the market share. germany’s experience is not the case. august 10, the united states association for manufacturing technology (amt) and the united states distributors association (amtda) statistics released in the first half. the first half of the total u.s. consumption amounted to 759 million u.s. dollars, higher than the same period in 2008 decreased 70.1%. in june, the u.s. production was 917 units, the chain added 58 units; consumption total 136,000,000 u.s. dollars, the chain increased 22%, but was 69.2% up year on year reduction. metal cutting s, for example, metal cutting s in june amounted to 102 million u.s. dollars of consumption, the chain increased by 9.5%, but down 71.4%. japan industries association (jmtba) has also released the relevant statistical data. july 2009 the japanese orders fell 72.2% year on year, the chain fell 1.5%. of these, 72.7% decline in domestic orders and foreign orders fell 71.9%. the italian s, robots and automation manufacturers association (ucimu-sistemiperprodurre) research department statistics, compared to last year, first half of 2009, the italian orders fell to 56.3% year on year. which in the second quarter, the overall orders fell 63.1%, while domestic orders fell 62%, 64% decline in foreign orders. germany, the united states, japan and italy are eight machines in the world powers. shrinking demand in emerging markets emerging markets also face the dilemma of shrinking demand. from the indian association, said the latest news, has experienced 30% for 5 consecutive years of market growth, the indian industry is facing a sharp decline in customer demand resulting from declining demand. in this challenge, the indian production in 2008 and 2007 to maintain a flat growth, of which 86% of metal cutting s, metal forming s rest. has been the continuous development of the manufacturing sector has pushed india to the 2007 big machine 9 consumer market. growth and demand for new industries to promote the demand for large s, and pull the increase in imports. the metal processing concerned, imports accounted for 75% of total market share in india. full cnc sales in india accounted for 65%. throughout the industry, lathes, machining centers, special s, presses and grinding machines in india in 2008 accounted for 80% of all production. china industry association executive vice president of satisfying recent visit to poland, the czech republic and russia market, he said: “russian industry under the most severe financial crisis, is now much better although not completely shut the factory, but only a week 2 to 3 working days, production decreased by 50%, and more, individual factories shut down for 2 to 3 months. ” st. petersburg, russia’s tbs factory was famous leningrad soviet-era plant, producing large, heavy-duty s. by the financial crisis, the user less, underemployment, the original 400 employees, now only 10 people. while the takeover, production of some of the equipment needed for the russian railway industry, such as not turning off the wheel, but also in the military industry, metallurgy industry, aircraft industry, etc. to provide some tools. on the other hand is also engaged in transforming the old machine. according to the czech republic association estimates that in 2009 the czech production could fall about 10%. direct impact on china’s exports direct attack on the international market slump in china’s export machine. according to customs statistics released this year, 1 to 6 months total exports of china’s industry, 2.13 billion u.s. dollars, down 36.2%. export side, china’s main export markets in europe, the united states, japan and other economically developed body sharp drop in demand. by the international financial crisis, rose faster last year, india, brazil, russia, the market is down double-digit rate. half, china’s total exports increased by -31.3%, while total exports of s a year ago an increase of 37.1%. while the international market as a whole was shrinking, but in many bright spots. this year, our large, heavy-duty imports and exports grew rapidly. in the first half, cnc milling, cnc grinding machines, cnc gear cutting machines were up more than 50%. average unit price of large-scale exports doubled, heavy-duty export performance than other products. meanwhile, the analysis is not difficult to see the eastern european market potential market opportunities: first, the impact of financial crisis on the polish small, because 70% of the machines imported. polish economy this year may increase 1%, than western european countries well; secondly, there is a better basis for the czech industry, tool technology level of its quality is better, and 70% of the exports. despite the financial crisis, but the czech industry production is relatively normal, they carried out extensive trade cooperation with china, on to seize the domestic market have a strong desire to rival china’s concern; then followed by russia, as the financial crisis, russia’s industry downturn is more severe, recovery will take some time. but the russian government has recognized the problem, developed a 5-year revitalization plan and started implementation of the project equally concerned about china’s industry. in addition, the eastern european countries is not very complete variety of s, parts have been lacking, and our industry after years of rapid development, already have a considerable size, complete range of products, with certain technical level, especially large heavy-duty exports greater potential. furthermore, our control system, ball screw, cutting tools and other accessory products, as long as product quality after-sales service to solve the problem, exports to these countries has great potential. it is understood that these countries are well-known enterprises such as the czech republic skoda, tosvarnsdorf, poland, avia, etc. have built our company-owned or joint ventures, may wish to use the existing cooperation channels and gradually realize the diversification of china’s machine tool market.

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Lathes For Sale – Metal Lathes, Wood Lathes, What Do They Cost?

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Craftsman Wood Lathe

July 21st, 2012 Comments off

Craftsman Wood Lathe

Woodworking Solutions: solution to the woodworking Industry in Homag-India   by santosh bhol

A variety of woodworking machinery and tools is needed for both home and professional workshops. Several companies make quality woodworking machinery, including Craftsman, Rockwell, Rigid and Milwaukee. Woodworking solutions merely because you love woodwork, it does not mean your workmanship is not a spare-time activity
Purchase the finest tool that you are able to afford. Start a budget on how much you’re willing to spend on a specific tool. This is significant since you’ll be using your tools on a frequent basis.
The key is acquiring a tool that’s within your budget. But as often as possible, veer away from the cheapest tools and materials. They being cheap already tell something – these aren’t worth purchasing.
Here are the most common woodworking tools which are available in
1. Electric Drill and Drill Bits – Electric drills are by far the first power tool purchased, they have so many uses besides drilling holes, there are attachments to turn them into paint mixers, sanders, screwdrivers, saws, grinders, lathes, the list goes on.

2. Electric Circular Saw – These can be very handy when cutting your wood pieces. No need to break the bank on this, however. Find one that’s easy for you to use and reliable.
3. Finishing Sander
These are used for sanding and finishing your projects. It can also be employed to smooth wood to clear out the edges.
4. Jig Saw – While not completely necessary, a good jig saw can help make your woodworking projects easier. They can add some eye-catching detail to a piece and make cutting wood easier as well.
5. Table Saw
Comparable to the drill, this is an additional tool that you must own and invest in. Though there are a few cheap table saws simply they’re not as powerful as the high-ticket ones. They do not work equally well as you desire too. Acquire a table saw with a strong motor, one that’s powerful enough that it can be used time and time again. If not, the blade will drag during the course of you ripping wood. It may even burn a few of your precious designs and no woodworker would desire that. Again there are loads of plans for jigs for this work horse.
6. Router – Routers have become one of the most used tools in a workshop, possibly even more popular than a table saw. A well equipped shop will have both a plunge base and a fixed base router; it is now possible to get a combination kit where one machine has both bases.
7. Drill Press
This tool is a workhorse in the shop it can be use for drilling holes, sanding with a sanding drum attachment.
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Craftsman Experience – How to Turn a Wooden Bowl on a Lathe, with Woodworker’s Journal Pt. 1/2

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