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Nitrous Oxide – Buy your own bottle and refill easily

Buy your own nitrous oxide bottle

Buy your own nitrous oxide bottle

Buy your own Nitrous Oxide gas bottles from Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies. A C size Nitrous gas cylinder contains 1.8Kg of liquified Nitrous Oxide and is ideal for use in a Nitrous Oxide System as part of an engine boosting solution. The cylinder dimensions are 54cm high x 17cm diameter, the cylinder weight is 6.5Kg.


Empty cylinders may be returned to us for a refill swap at a discounted rate. Nitrous Oxide refill for this cylinder is available here.

Warning: Automotive-grade liquid nitrous oxide differs slightly from medical-grade nitrous oxide. A small amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2) is added to prevent substance abuse.


General Nitrous Oxide Information:

When nitrous oxide is injected into a suitable race engine, the nitrous oxide, commonly referred to a “NITROUS” allows a combustion engine to burn more fuel by providing a greater amount of oxygen at the precise moment it is required resulting in a more powerful fuel/air detonation. On it’s own nitrous as a gas is not flammable at low temperature or pressure but when it enters the combustion chamber of a hot engine the oxygen and nitrogen molecules break apart freeing up the oxygen to bond with the fuel and combust. Additional fuel is added to keep the fuel air ratio from leaning out causing engine damage. Another benefit is that the gas is stored as a liquid and when it vaporises in the inlet manifold, the gas molecules absorb heat in order to expand thus creating a densely packed fuel charge further adding to the horsepower boost. Nitrous oxide must be used with a fuel delivery and injection system.

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