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250A Mig Welder with Remote Traveller

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

Ok, I admit it, I have this bizzare fascination with welders and can’t stop buying them, amongst other tools also. This is my latest purchase, a Cigweld 250 Amp Remote Wire Feed Welder. As usual the first thing I have to do is pull the damn thing apart and give it a thorough clean. I can’t beleive it was in such a dirty state. It seems it’s previous owners failed to respect it.

If you are going to own any tools then it is best to respect them and this is shown by regular cleaning and maintenance. Now the reason I purchased this unit is that it was a great deal. Secondly I was looking around for a remote wire feed model as I generally weld outdoors and get annoyed dragging the MIG outside. The remote unit is easy to carry and it comes with 10 metres of cabling. More than enough length to go outside and weld some stuff. You can also get all welding supplies for these machines from CIG.

Cigweld Transmig 250
Primary Input Voltage
240V 1-Phase
Current Range
20-250 Amps
Duty Cycle
25% @ 250 Amps 24V
50% @ 180 Amps 24.8V
100% @ 127 Amps 21.6V
Welding Voltage Range
15.5V – 26V
Voltage Steps
Wire Sizes:
0.6 – 1.2mm Ferrous
0.8 – 1.2mm Stainless
0.8 – 1.2mm Aluminium
0.8 – 1.2mm Flux Cored
Specifications and features

Adjustment of timers for stitch/spot welding.
Precision, high quality wire feed unit ensuring a smooth, reliable delivery of wire
2 x Multi-positional switch for precise voltage settings. Fine and Coarse.
Efficient fan cooling for increased duty cycle.
Thermal overload protection ensures low maintenance performance.
Reverse polarity for self-shielding wires.
Industrial steel/rubber castors for ease of movement.
Accommodates 1Kg, 5Kg and 15Kg wire spools.

Utterly dispicable. Years of neglect. Many welder failures can be avoided by simply cleaning out the dust.

Would you beleive this is the same machine. A quck blow with the air compressor and then a wipe down with WD-40 and a rag.

This is the other side. This MIG has filter caps to give a smoother DC waveform when welding. If you do not have filter caps then the waveform ends up looking like a series of pulses.

Ahhhhh, that is real eye candy. All the innards look like they are new.

This is a close up shot of the caps and the rectifier. The fan blows a hefty draft and expells rather than suck.
This is a close up of the voltage selection switches and control contactor.
This is the remote wire feeder, gear drive side. It wasn’t all that bad. I gave it a clean anyway.
This is the sealed side of the remote wire feeder. It had some weired dust on the bottom. This thing must have been kept in one heck of a bad environment.
Just like new again. Cleans up easy with a bit of elbow grease.
This is the base unit re-assembled. Unfortunately the outer casing has some scratches and surface rust. I will need to spray it down the track.
Now then, this thing in the picture is the end of the welding cable that feeds the gun. This type of connection is known as a TWECO connection. The TWECO connection requires the manual connection of the gun trigger wires to the remote wire feeder. Euro connection torches have the gun trigger connections built in so there are no extra wires to connect after the gun cable is fitted.

The Transmig remote wire feeder has adjustable burn back, spot weld timers, dwell timer and continuous welding mode. The wire speed runs between 1 and 17 metres per minute.

The welding power source has 4 coarse and 4 fine voltage settings giving a total of 16 voltage steps.

CIG Transtig 150 Cigweld Tig Welder

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

CIG Transtig 150 TIG Welder

The Cigweld Transtig 150 is an AC DC Tig Welding Machine that is based on a transformer, the old school type unlike the modern inverter welding machines. AC DC Tig Welding or DC TIG welding is achieved by swapping the orange leads polarity by either allowing them to go straight through or criss cross each other.

The welder can handle the following duty cycles. 60 Amps at 100%, 120 Amps at 25%, 150 Amps at 17%. Duty cycle is calculated at % of time in a ten minute repeating period. 100% weld all day at that setting, 70% weld for 7 minutes at that setting then rest for 3 minutes, 40% weld for 4 minutes rest for 6 minutes etc.So at 120 Amps, the welder could run for 150 seconds, rest for 450 seconds then repeat.

Straight off the trusty trailer. It weighs about 90 kilos.

This gives me pleasure. Involving kids in the active participation of pulling stuff apart. Alek(6) is turning into me ever so slowly. He just needs to grow taller and lose his hair.

The ratchet was too boring, apprentice needs some action. In comes the power assisted ratchet.

No mouse wheels in here, just hard core copper with a lot of electrical things.

A close up the heatsinks reveals a lot of built up dust. I quick blow out with the compressor and we are clean.

This is the electronic control board that sits behind the front panel. It was clean as it is sealed in it’s own box.

Finished with the clean up. The front panel has pre and post gas control timers, Current selector, arc force selector, TIG or manual ARC switch. The AC / DC is selected by crossing over the orange leads.

Alek and Marcus(4) pleased with the result. They then set about like a couple of raptors insisting I power it up and start welding. Look at ’em, anyone would think it was theirs the way they pose.

Here is a shot of the foot controller and TIG gun. The foot controller also varies the current.

Here is a shot of the unit with the argon attached. The power source is clean and shiny. Almost like new.

Spare collets, electrodes, gas shrouds and a “feed wire holder” on the right.

Here is the manual arc electrode holder. Note the small hand held push button.

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Mig Welding Equipment

June 26th, 2013 Comments off

mig welding equipment
where can i buy mig welding Equipment near san jose california?

names of store i could buy it would be very helpful

thank you

It astonishes me how people these days do not know how to use the yellow pages.

Just look under “welding- supplies and equipment” or some similar topic in the yellow pages. Also, you can simply use

However, I think your best bet is to buy online. Ebay can be a source of very good deals on mildly used equipment.

Brand new equipment tends to be expensive. However, when it comes to MIG welding machines you almost always “get what you pay for.”

For a MIG welder, you really want to have a machine with at least 250 amps output. You should expect to pay around $1,600 for a quality MIG machine.

It’s a poorly known fact that makers of MIG welders tend to seriously exaggerate the capabilities of their machines! You should simply not consider buying a low-powered MIG machine under 200 amps output. You may be tempted to do so in order to save money. But, if you buy a machine that has less than 200 amps you should not weld any thicker than 1/8″ steel, otherwise you risk making welds with severe lack of fusion and lack of penetration defects. It’s another poorly know fact that MIG welding requires twice as much current as other processes to weld the same thickness. I’ve seen manufacturers claim that their 150 amps MIG machine can weld up to 1/2″ thick steel. That’s utter bull$hit. Caveat emptor.

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Mig Gun Contact

November 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Mig Gun Contact

Cheap Contact Lenses Are Available Online

Today, Contact Lenses have become very common though some still use spectacles. People opt for contact lenses because they add glamour to your face unlike spectacles. There are various types of contact lenses that you can opt for – soft lenses, disposable lenses, RPG lenses and many more.

Some People do not buy contact lenses because of their tight budget. No doubt, contact lenses are expensive than spectacles but with the advancement of technology like E store where you can buy cheap contact lenses online. Actually these are discounted contact lenses which the wholesalers provide you online.

People are often sceptical of buying contact lenses online. They think that the companies offering cheap contact lenses are scams or the products are defective. But let me tell you there are good companies like acuvue oasys that sells their products online at discounted prices.

Why Discounted Contact Lenses Online?

The contact lenses online are at discounted prices because companies distribute their lenses to online stores and mail order retailers also apart from eye practitioners. The online distributors buy these contact lenses from the companies in bulk due to which they get discounts. And so these contact lenses are cheaper when you buy online. Also, the online sellers do not have to pay shop rent or salaries to the salespeople. They do not have any overhead costs like electricity and water. These are the basic reasons why you get cheap contact lenses online.

Tips on Buying Contact Lenses Online

Here are some of the tips on buying contact lenses from E-stores.

• You should buy branded contact lenses straight from the company or the stores that offer good brands.

• You should make sure that they have an online system where you can track the status of your purchase.

• It is very important to do a good research on the E-stores. You should know from where you are buying your contact lenses.

• You should try to get the best offers available

• Make sure you give them your correct address for the contact lenses to be delivered.

• Also you should know the date of the delivery.

• Take advice from your family and friends. Let them know that you are planning to buy your lenses online. You might as well get some valuable suggestions from them for buying products online.

• Make sure that you get the receipt of the payment electronically or through courier or whatever the case may be. Make sure that the receipt is authentic.

• Before buying the product check its reviews.

• Ensure that the company can be contacted via phone and not just email.

• Never buy contact lenses from a company who does not ask for the prescription.

• Read the refund policies of the discounted contact lenses carefully. Read all its terms and conditions.

With these things in mind, your online shopping can never go wrong.

In today’s world, online shopping has become very convenient and easy. It is also very beneficial as you can get best offers which you do not get otherwise. People who wish to buy contact lenses but they don’t because of the cost can now take a sigh of relief. Even they can get their cheap contact lenses online and with best offers.

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Vulcan Stick Mig

October 25th, 2012 Comments off

Vulcan Stick Mig

How to Install Windows 7 From a Flash Drive/USB Stick Easily

This is a short guide on how to install Windows 7 onto a computer from a USB Flash Drive / USB Stick or Portable Hard Drive. Since read speeds are faster from USB drive than your CD-ROM drive, this actually decreases the install time for Windows 7.

Things You’ll Need:

* USB flash drive Windows 7 CD or recovery Blank CD-R Computer External hard drive

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is format your USB Flash Drive or Portable Hard Drive so that your computer will read it as a bootable drive. So plug your flash drive into a workstation.

Step 2

Open up Command Prompt / CMD (located in Program Files->Accessories) and type the following commands:

– DiskPart

– List Disk (this will list the disks currently plugged into your computer. Most likely, the C: drive on that computer will be listed as disk 0, and you will have to look down the list to see which disk your flash drive is. Look at the corresponding disk sizes to easily figure it out.)

– Select Disk 3 (I am using 3 as example for assigned flash drive)

– Clean

– Create Partition Primary

– Select Partition 1

– Active

– Format FS=NTFS Quick

– Assign (you can assign a particular drive letter if you want, example: assign=E:)

– Exit (this will exit DiskPart)

– Exit (this will exit CMD)

Step 3

Next you will need to either insert your Windows 7 CD and browse to the CD or open up your Windows 7 ISO and browse to the folders within it. (If you are using ISO, I would suggest extracting the contents to a new folder)

Step 4

Next you will need to spoof your flash stick so that the computer will think it is an install CD. Open up command prompt as Administrator. Browse to program files, accessories and right click on CMD and select “Run as Administrator”. If you don’t run CMD as administrator, or UAC is enabled, you might receive this error: “Could not map drive partitions to the associated volume device objects: Access is denied”. Run CMD as Administrator and you won’t have to worry about seeing that error.

Then input the following commands:

cd Boot

bootsect /nt60 E: (I am using drive letter E: as my flash drive)

exit (exits command prompt)

Step 5

Next simply copy over the entire contents of your windows 7 CD or ISO to your flash drive.

Step 6

Reboot the computer your are wanting to install Windows 7 on with the flash drive plugged in, hit the boot key (normally F12, DEL, or ESC) to select the boot device, boot to your flash drive, and it will go immediately to the Windows 7 Setup screen.

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