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July 29th, 2010

Air Compressor Hose Reel Home

The Air Hose Reel And The Safe Auto Shop   by Cooper Miller

It is almost impossible today to find an auto shop or mechanical shop today that does not have an air compressor that runs various air tools and accessories. If a shop has an air compressor, it will have air hoses running all over the place to run air tools, grease guns, inflate tires and perform various other tasks. In order to keep your shop floor safe and clutter free, an air hose reel is the easiest and most widely used method for storing and using air hoses. Hose reels are also used for air, water, gardens, potable water, cold water, hot water, oxy-acetylene as well as grease and oil pumping systems. With this many different applications, a shop can quickly become a tangle of different colored hoses. Besides hurting productivity and looking sloppy, loose hoses on the shop floor are a safety hazard. Today, most professional auto shops have several air hose reels mounted on the walls that will automatically retract and store air hoses. There are basically three different versions of the air hose reel.

The most common type of air hose reel is the open faced self retracting type. This type of air hose reel is generally constructed with heavy gauge steel and corrosion resistant components to withstand the demanding environment of the modern auto shop. Auto rewind is also a standard feature and is highly recommended by Red Hill Supply. A good air hose reel also will have the ability to be mounted on the wall, ceiling or even on a service truck. Some other features to look for is: dual axle support (This is important to withstand vehicle vibration if the air hose reel will be mounted on a service truck. ),Weep holes in the drum. (Weep holes allow moisture to drain from the drum and reduce rusting.) and heavy gauge steel.

The closed face air hose reel is becoming much more popular and popping up in more and more high end auto shops. A closed face air hose reel has several advantages over its open faced cousin. First, the air hose is completely protected when it is fully retracted in the case. This protects the hose from harsh weather conditions and other hazards that can damage and ruin a hose. Another common feature is the ability to wind the hose back and forth and insure the hose is wound back up levelly. This insures the air hose is always retracted equally across the drum. Also, the outer casing is usually made of industrial grade polypropylene that is resistant to ultraviolet light. This makes the air hose reel dent resistant and impervious to corrosion.

Mainly the manual air hose reel is relegated to the garage and home mechanic. This type of air hose reel has to cranked with a lever in order to retract the hose back onto the reel. They typically are of cheaper construction and not as durable as the other types of reels. However, if you are looking for a low cost air hose reel for your garage, a manual air hose reel will be just fine and provide you with years of service.

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