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December 31st, 2011

Air Compressor Pump Pulley

Clockwork precision with the Mercedes-Benz Multi Rib Belt   by amanda nealy

Belts are used to hold what they’re supposed to. Under a vehicle’s hood, one would find a particular belt that functions more than just a safety strap. This is none other than the multi-rib belt. It serves as a continuous belt used to hold and drive essential peripheral devices inside the engine. These parts are namely the A/C compressor, air pump, alternator, power steering pump and the water pump. The multi rib belt is responsible for driving these components into motion that also sets the timing for other engine mechanisms. Notably, this is not quite your average belt.

The multi rib belt is made from high-grade rubber and is typically flat in design and measures a half-inch wide. It is also called serpentine belts as it appears as a coiled snake around various tubes and pulleys. They wind around all of the pulleys driven by the crankshaft pulley. Multi-rib belts are a big development from their predecessors. In older days, most automobiles are equipped with the V-Belt. These belts have V-shaped cross-sections that grips the pulleys. However, V-belts are not able to fit smaller types of pulleys and are unable to maximize surface engagement. As engine technology has drastically improved and developed, the demand for drive-by adhesion and traction of the belts has significantly increased. Multi-rib belts are now used to increase power transfer.

German titan Mercedes-Benz is a prime example of car companies that engineer belts that highly enhance the overall engine performance. Mercedes-Benz multi rib belts are specifically designed to keep the engine working in clockwork precision. Its rubber is made from tough, high tensile fibers that are in substance resistant to extreme temperature and pressure. Also, the tough rubber secures steady surface grip even if subjected to liquid. It makes the other components run more efficiently with the Mercedes multi rib belt providing uniform belt tension and high speed tolerance. Under every Mercedes vehicle, one would find the multi rib belt tucked and coiled in its place acting as lifeline for important engine parts.

Although these belts are made from the toughest material, they are subject to eventual wear and tear. The belts day in and day out are exposed to coolant liquids, heat and friction. Needless to say, they require regular check-up and replacement if necessary. One apparent indication that the multi rib belts needs immediate attention is when you hear a loud squeaking noise inside the hood. Every time you step on the gas pedal the engine jerks and makes a screech. The battery light comes on the A/C is not as cold as it should be and the temperature gauge begins to climb up. Remember, the multi rib belts are responsible for running the A/C compressor, air pump, alternator, power steering pump and the water pump. If the multi rib belts are damaged and are not functioning properly, the other components may follow suit as well.

It is important to constantly check the belts. Mercedes multi rib belts are durable but as time goes by it may incur tears and abrasions. Better to replace the old belts and be confided in the thought that all of the rest that depends on it will run smoothly.

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Amanda Nealy is a 26-year-old proprietor of a local car rental service in Montgomery, Alabama. Amanda is the daughter of an automobile designer, and inherited her father’s passion for cars of all kinds. Know more about Mercedes Benz Multi Rib Belt.

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