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December 17th, 2011

Auto Air Compressor Adapters

Nec In China’s Auto Dashboard Up To 50   by hi joiney

Most people think of cars Dashboard Market MCU supplier, may be more thought is Renesas and Fujitsu Microelectronics, NEC did not expect in this market actually is the market leader. NEC Electronics has licensed hours Pin Telecom operators in Shenzhen Shiqiang Jie Chen, Marketing Manager, said: “Although Renesas in Japan, Toyota Meter Disk market share higher than the NEC, but the reverse in the overseas market, and NEC in the Chinese automotive dashboard as much as 50-60% market share. NEC78K0D Series MCU main dashboard for the car market, 78K0/DX2 is NEC’s new dashboard for the Chinese automotive market with LCD Driver MCU, a CAN interface, with or without the two models. DX4 series MCU next major market for virtual car dashboard. “

Car audio player market is NEC’s traditional strengths in the annual demand of 1000 million tablets CarAudio market, NEC 78k0/Kx2 and V850/Sx Series MCU market share of about half

NEC 16 MCU78k0R/FX3 mainly for body applications, including power windows and windshield wipers. V85032-bit MCU current global sales of the first, said Chen Jie, Toyota cars are now in extensive use V850MCU. In addition to the automobile

NEC MCU products, Shiqiang Telecom also unveiled USB3.0 NEC introduced the world’s first master-chip uPD720200, the most appropriate time frequency environmental lighting / LED Lighting MCU78k0/Ix2, motor solutions, HS / DC-8, dc inverter air conditioning solution BL/DC-64, as well as portable audio-visual equipment NEC Solutions EMMAMobile.

Chen Jie introduce Road: “78k0/Ix2 There are five aspects of performance advantages: 1) Built-in high-speed high-precision 16-bit PWM function enables precise dimming control; 2) easy PFC control and frequency control, reduction external dedicated IC component; 3) Built-OP / compare / high-precision clock, etc., low cost multi-functional applications; 4) Support DALI and DMX512 communications UART module can be easily adjustable lighting intelligent environmental control; 5 ) excellent electrical properties, effectively deal with poor working environment. “

HS/DC-8 main features include: Belt Hall Sensor Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor drive, 180-degree sine wave; Reversible control; speed feedback; over-current and voltage.

Advantage of its application has the following six aspects, Chen Jie said: “First, it is the sine wave drive mode allows a more quiet motor operation; second, switching losses can be reduced by 30%; third, automatic phase control, for maximum efficiency; Fourth, wind start (fan applications); Fifth, parameter adjustment is simple, can quickly adapt to different motor systems; Sixth, to provide the source code and hardware reference design. “

BL/DC-64 main control for inverter air conditioner compressor, it is without Hall sensors, requiring a 32-bit MCU core to calculate the exact position of rotor.

Chen Jie said: “The main products are five aspects of application advantages: 1) intelligent PFC function, can improve the power factor and harmonic functions; 2) specifically designed for a variety of air-conditioning control algorithm, the system reliable and stable operation of 5 years, manufacturers have been several well-known air-conditioning production, market-proven four years; 3) applies to domestic / foreign than 60 different brands of compressors; 4) simple peripheral circuits, systems and low cost; 5) powerful development tools and compression machine parameters of vehicle for systems development. “

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