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March 14th, 2010

Bison Metal Lathe Chucks

How to Unlock Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow Easily

Crossbow is a weapon in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Some guard archetypes will also have the crossbow as a weapon. Here can help you to know how to use Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow Easily.

●Tips 1
– Unlock Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow

The following is the
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow Detail

Some guard archetypes (such as the Crossbowman) will also have the crossbow as a weapon. Ezio and his apprenticeswill be able to use the crossbow in melee combat, attacking guards with the metal lathe, then shooting them once they’re on the ground.

In the third developer diary, it was stated that the crossbow will be upgradeable, but how to this and what will be upgraded is unknown. However, certain videos have shown different kinds of the Crossbow, with varying appearances and targeting times. Additionally, a section for the Crossbow has also been seen on the selection menu of a blacksmith.

You can see some useful tips can help you to unlock Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow easily. Here are some common problems about using crossbow in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood from gamers.

●Tips 2
– Unlock Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow

Problem 1:
Is the crossbow necessary?

Answer 1:
Better than the gun and knives in my opinion stronger than the knives, quieter than the gun.

Answer 2:
It comes in very handy IMO. some missions would be a damn pain to complete without it. you get more ammo than the gun for it. and anyone you shoot with it gives back the ammo (at least it happens for me) if you loot them.

●Tips 3
– Unlock Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow

Problem :
Is there anyway to UN-equip the crossbow?

Yeah it’s kinda funny cause like.. Well, leap of faith would actually hurt like a ***** with the crossbow there.

●Tips 4
– Unlock Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Crossbow

Crossbow or second hidden blade, if you have to choose, which will you take?

Answer 1:
I’d pick the crossbow simply because it’s new and fresh, whereas I’ve already used dual hidden blades hundreds, hell, probably thousands of times by now. I’ve played AC2 from beginning end… I dunno, a lot of times, man.

Answer 2:
If I had to pick. . . the hidden blade, I suck at long range stuff. Plus I love the thousand jabs of death attack you randomly do when using the blades. Though if it handles like War’s gun(darksiders) I’d give it a chance. Though I’m sure we will have both available eventually.


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