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Cnc Welding Machine Price

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Cnc Welding Machine Price

Shop Drawing Software    by John

There are a variety of trades which we should discuss software for. If you are a Mechanical Shop detailer, you will reap the benefits of Mechanical Software not only simple AutoCAD, and so on. Performance and functionality are key, there can be a lot of replication in creating shop drawings so obtaining the right shop drawing software can increase your company’s work flow. Below are just some of the currently used types of software. Some are costly (Tekla) , and some are great for starting and inexpensive (AutoCAD). Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite Shop Drawing Software,or design software.

AutoCAD – can be used for virtually any trade, however is inferior in speed and capability to other ‘trade’ specific products.

AutoCAD Architecture- Great for architecture- however Revit is taking over the architecture due to 3D.

AutoCAD Civil 3d – great for Civil work – IE roads , infrastructure.

AutoCAD Electrical – self explanatory- electrical has not seen a need for 3D

AutoCAD Mechanical – I presume Inventor has taken over this version (please comment if you know otherwise)

Autodesk Revit – a 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) suite. Excellent and fairly priced.

Tekla Structures – innovative in the structural steel drafting industry, and now even concrete. (BIM- friendly)

Microstation – widespread (similar to CAD) but is now into BIM.

The use of 3D software is paramount nowadays. You will find most fabrication and machine shops using CNC machines. CNC machines are Computer Numeric Controlled machines which take info from a file (often called an NC file) and uses it to cut, punch, drill, mark and even weld pieces. The data cannot easily be created from 2d software (such as basic AutoCAD) except if with some add-ons and a bit of extra work, however it is easily created from 3D environments. So chances are you’ll find your customers who have upgraded their shop with cutting-edge equipment , such as beam lines, plate cutters, pipe welders and such will wish that you too have enhanced your software to keep up with them.

Software in the Field.

There are actually general contractors, field welders, and steel erectors who can use the data out of your models helping to make using 3D even more crucial. The field and company information can be synced jointly, and issues can be settled before they happen. If there is a missing part which simply can’t be located (on a large building), if the contractors on site have access to your data they can identify and find these pieces without any difficulty and rapidly too.

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