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Plasma Therm

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Plasma Therm

Plasma-Therm PECVD – Training Video

Handy Plasma

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Handy Plasma

プラズマハンディ〈PLASMA HANDY〉エレクトロポレーション

Plasma Source

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Plasma Source

A Clear Impartial Comparison of Plasma and LCD Televisions

Blu Ray is the latest developmentin video technology and they have overtaken DVDs in popularity, as they areknown for higher definition videos, players and movies. Blu Ray discs are durableand have a longer life span than DVD discs or movies. Other than thesebenefits, these discs can also store more data than DVDs.


Blu Ray discs have thecapability to handle video or content up to 25 GB on a single layer and on duallayer discs, you can store 50 GB of data. To run these advanced discs, you needto opt for high quality Blu Ray players. These players look similar to standardDVD players but often take up less space.


Once the disc isinserted, these players can easily read the discs with the help of blue lasers.In addition to this, they can also play standard CDs or DVDs. This means thatyou can play all the discs which can be played in standard DVD players as wellas being able to play Blu Ray.


At present, you willfind that there are different brands which are selling these players. Out ofthem all, LG players are one of the most popular. Recently, LG has come up witha new Blu Ray player; the LG BD 390.


Learn more about the latest LG BD 390 Blu Ray disc players:


LG BD 390 is one of theBlu Ray disc players which offer high video and audio quality. Due to the highpicture quality, you can experience better clarity and view details in thepicture easily. One of the best things about these players is that they can beconnected to your computer or laptop with the help of a wireless system. Inaddition to this, the system also comes with Nero software which is very fastto install. After installing the software, you can enjoy music, video files andimages on your Blu Ray player.


If you have a Netflixsubscription then you need to know that this LG player also supports Netflixfiles. This means that you can easily watch these videos on your computer witheasy navigation control.  


Other than thesefeatures, the LG BD 390 player also has the ability to play videos on YouTube . Withthe help of analogue audio outputs in the LG BD 390, you can easily connect itto any receivers which have 7.1 channel inputs. 


In addition to this,there is also a USB input which helps in handling almost all multimedia files.This includes WMA, MP3, AAC, DivX HD and also JPEGs. You can also use the USBport of LG BD 390 to add some extra memory which will help you to downloadcontent from the internet.


The BD 390 player alsohelps in producing high quality pictures which have vibrant and detailedcolours. This is possible with the help of the amazing contrast range which iscaused by the advanced video processing. Besides the video, even the sound ofthis player is better than many other Blu Ray players all around the world.


Usually, connecting a BluRay player to the TV is a difficult task but in the case of the LG BD 390, youonly have to use the HDMI cable. This LG player is cost effective, as itprovides so many features to the viewers all in one neat little package.

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