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Cnc Milling Process

January 23rd, 2008

Cnc Milling Process

Horizontal CNC Milling and the Mori-Seiki NH4000

CNC Milling is a cutting process in which material is removed from a block by a rotating tool.
Plouse Precision Manufacturing
, a leading single source manufacturer utilizing innovative solutions for manufacturing components and assemblies, uses Horizontal CNC Milling for customers in a variety of industries. Such industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical and defense, come to Plouse for engine components, custom and mold tooling, complex mechanisms and enclosures, as well as customized parts.

Our Harrisburg facility contains a variety of
CNC milling
machines, including the latest Horizontal CNC Milling machine, the Mori-Seiki NH4000. We recently integrated our two Mori-Seiki NH4000 horizontal machining centers (HMC’s) with a 14 station carrier pallet pool system (CPP) into one entity known as a cell.

Plouse can provide its customers with a better value by reducing the different types of “idle” time with the cell. This type of machining efficiently produces parts of different sizes, complexities and quantities. The average parts produced in a given project, run from a few hundred pieces to over 10,000 pieces. Although larger parts can be accommodated, the cell is designed for small to medium sized parts. The cell controller is the “brain” of the cell, storing all the programs and necessary information required for the HMC’s to make the parts. The controller creates a graphical display of the cell layout that shows what is happening in real time within the cell and if there are any problems.

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