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Dc Inverter Welding

September 27th, 2011

Dc Inverter Welding

Welding machines and its components:   by Albert J Smith

Welding is a process of combining two metal pieces as one, there are several methods and process in which welding is carried out. During olden days black smiths used one of the popular methods of welding then call as the forge method. This method is something that is followed even now by a lot of black smiths. The technique of this process comprises beating of the two metal pieces that must be jointed together by placing them over hot coal. Forging gives space for the two metal pieces to join as one with the help of excess heat from the coal and the pressure exerted on them by beating them while they are on fire. Each and every method has its own set of advantages and specific uses that suits one type of or metal or requirement. A few important types of welding machines are pipe welder, stick welder, wire welders, wire feed welders, inverter welders, dc welder, ac welders, gas welders, plasma welders, plastic welders, gas welders.

The necessity of welding is so wide spread along factories, ship building, automobile building, construction areas, train building aircraft building and all kinds of repair works for the above. The process of welding is easy and the result is convincingly several times stronger when compared to soldering and brazing techniques. The modern method of joining two or more metal pieces as one is done with the help of advanced welding machines with great efficiency. Here is a short outline of a few important components of the welding machines used in the modern days.

The most important parts of a welding machine are the consumables, guns, torches. These parts are very important and have a key role in giving a good output. You have a wide range of consumables, guns and torches that are available in the market moreover, each of them have a unique functionality.

Consumables: these are parts of the welding machine must be replaced as and when necessary. Covered electrodes, cored wires, solid wires, TIG rods, strips and fluxes are a few consumables. The quality and output of the weld strongly depends up o these consumables so replacing them when necessary is something important. An electrode is also a kind of consumable, however there are a few electrodes that are of a non consumable type as well.

Guns and Torches: The guns and torches that are in the welding machines are of different types and each one are meant for a specific type of welding. Some of the important kinds of welding torches are rose-bud torch, cutting torch and injector torch. A Welding torch is something that is used to weld metals, if a metal piece has to be cut, a cutting torch is used. If metal pieces are needed to be bent or straightened, a rose-bud torch is used. An injector torch is a torch that is used for mixing two different gases used for a welding process. A welding gun is one among the important tool that a welder has. Spot weld, tack weld and burning holes in metals are the basic functionalities of a Welding gun. The use of welding guns differs according to the welding process that is carried out with the appropriate welding machines.

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