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January 27th, 2008

Esab Plasma

Multipurpose Welding and Its Important in industry

Constant update of your knowledge regarding welding process, knowing about the various types of welding tools and also the types of welding equipments makes a person a complete welding entrepreneur if they desire to do so .To become a complete welding operator one should know about the basic range types and process of welding machine.

Multi process welding machine is also known with different names they could be multipurpose welders, or multi-function welders and combo, is on peak in today’s welding industry as because it is portable and also it is versatile in its performance in various types of welding and cutting work.

Multi-purpose welding machine are continuously seen to be reported of synthesizing the capabilities of a constant current CC power source (TIG welders ,STICK welder) and also a constant power source CV power source (MIG welders) into a unit of homogeneous. Arc gouging and also a submerged arc welding are done by using a typical multi purpose welding machine. The multipurpose welding machine are the ultimate engine driven welding machine as they are used multiple of being as a stick welder, TIG welder or MIG welder with the fact of the machine being portable and compact too.

It is commonly accepted that purchasing separate units for welding will be a loss of resources like extra capital expenditure. Occupying more floor space etc may be buying a machine which can either weld or cut may cannot be called the solution also the perfect or ideal requirement is a unit that can combine several welding operation into a single package that to effortlessly. Thus it is proved that buying a multi purpose welding machine is very cost effective, it should be consideration. Which also performs all types of welding process and also welding and cutting is performed these machines could be find in various types and made by various manufactures.

ESAB welding and with cutting products have launch the multi master 300x , it is a multi purpose welding machine for electrodes like GMAW , DC , GTAW ,AND SMAW. The machine is design by keeping in mind the company’s usage with dual shield X series of flux-cored wire and the machines designed are well used for welders who use the process of SMAW welding as for flux cored wire. The machine is capable in offering DC welding giving output of around 15 to 300 amps of duty cycle at 40 percentages.

multipurpose welding machines have good longevity and are used for TIG/STICK/PLASMA CUTTER of all the three combination and the machine being compactable and portable with the size of 40 to 70 lbs. copper, steel, mild steel, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel are those metals including other all types of metal are possibly weld and cut by there weld all series and the combo welding machine. With the multi purpose welding machine except for aluminum all the other metals could be cut and welded.

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