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Go-kart Racing

March 9th, 2012

go-kart racing

Go-Kart racing and how enjoyable it can be

I had never Go-kart raced before. I went with my fiance recently to an Adventure Land, a place with arcades, golf, baseball, and go-kart racing. It all looked really fun, and I had heard from my best guy friend that go-karts were a blast to race on. My fiance and I played in the arcade the most, because it was cold outside and that’s really the main reason we went there. But at some point we really beat all the arcades we could play, and I wanted to race karts! So we bought our tickets and went to the track, got all straped in and was ready to go! It took me a while to put on the seatbelt, I couldn’t figure it out to save my life and had to get help doing it. Sad that a 21 year old didn’t know how to buckle a seatbelt.

But as I got buckled, my fiance right behind me, he let us go and we got to start the track and go racing. There were other kids on the track, but my main goal was to beat my fiance and just have a blast. I could tell I was going to love it before I even got started. But once we hit the track and were racing it was an awesome feeling. I’ve never officially raced before, only driven my car really fast. But it’s not the same as being on an actual race track actually racing other people. I’ve always been a major NASCAR fan, and it was truly like NASCAR. You had to pick the best line for you around the track, you had to look inside and outside over and over and bump just to pass a guy. Once you completed the pass you had to choose how you would drive to put more distance to him. Once I passed one of the drivers I had to race hard to pass I changed my line around the track, just feeling what seemed to be a good line to take. While I was doing that, though, he was catching me again. So I hugged the inside wall at every corner that I could, hoping to put the distance back on him again. But it didn’t work. I wasn’t able to catch him again, just by changing my line up a little bit.

That’s what was exciting in the race. How you raced, just like in NASCAR, was very noticeable on the track. How you may race and dive into a corner trying to catch a guy is very different from how you’ll race once you’ve actually passed him. And that was exciting to me, even though it resulted in my being passed. Overall, because of that one race, I really love kart racing and I would love to do it again.

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