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Hobby Jet Engines For Sale

April 5th, 2008

Hobby Jet Engines For Sale

Top Online Jobs to Work at Home    by Maria O’Brien

There are many online jobs to work at home, whether you are looking for a side income or a whole new career. Among them are tutoring, freelance writing, graphic design, customer service, fact checking, expert advice, web programming and professional consulting/ coaching.

The problem with many of these jobs is that they are too similar to most employment opportunities in the real world — you have to work a certain number of hours to get the income you want, month after month.

With online writing and affiliate marketing, however, there is the potential for a long-term passive income. With this business model, the work is done up front until reaching a desired income level, and at that point it can simply be maintained and grown by a few hours a day or even less. Building residual and passive income streams allows you to live the life you feel called to — whether it’s as a stay at home mom or a jet-set world traveler — without using the majority of your time working to finance it.

The benefits of online writing and affiliate marketing make it one of the very best online jobs to work at home. Writers can create content and niche sites based on any number of their interests or hobbies, placing paid ads as well as affiliate links on their site and within their content to draw revenue from their writing. They can work from anywhere with an internet connection, any time, giving them freedom of movement and the ability to travel at will.

Web writers/ affiliate marketers simply connect those looking for information, resources or products with that information and resources. For example, someone using a search engine to find out information about training border collies might come across a blog written to inform as well as to make money. The writer behind the blog shares plenty of information about training these dogs, and also points the reader to a more in-depth dog training ebook. If the reader buys the book, the site owner will earn a commission from that sale.

Info product sales are a top income source for many affiliate marketers. Others recommend physical products, from exercise equipment to computers, and likewise earn money from purchases they refer.

Income potential with this type of online job for work at home (“home” being a euphemism for anywhere-you-like) is quite high. Top affiliate marketers make tens of thousands of dollars per month, and getting to a $5,000/month level is doable within a year or so, depending on how many hours a day are devoted to the project.

Even part-time efforts of a couple hours a day can yield a near-full time income stream of $3,000 a month after about 18 months. These are the results seen by real people, but of course all outcome will vary depending on the writer, the content, the niche, and other factors.

The best way to know if this online job/ work at home is for you is to try it. Explore different niches and research what people are searching for on the web to find your potential spot on the web. making a living from writing and online marketing is a great way to experience freedom of location and the security of having a passive income.

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To read more on this topic, see Online Jobs: Work at Home at the Legit Work at Home blog. O’Brien is a work at home mom who enjoys a web writing and affiliate marketing career on the web while managing a bustling household offline.

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