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March 27th, 2011

Inverter Welder Reviews

lastwelders – Tig Welder and Its Synopsis

The process that blends together the reactive metals such as magnesium and aluminum is called as tig welding and it was very useful in the early 1940’s and became popular later on due to its accuracy and speed. This welding process has been used for both high quality and manual welding and ensures a high welding speed and penetration. The user can able to perform variety of weld types on several different metals with this welding. On first, this welding was developed for aircraft industry due to its clean strong joints and it is ideal for aircraft fabrication. The welder that is used for this welding process is well known and it is none other than tig welder. This welder has been specifically designed for this welding and has enormous features that made them to stand distinct.

These welders generally work by creating an arc between a metal such that it is bonded well between the tungsten electrodes. The arc that is generally formed creates the weld and through some torch seals, it protects the welded area from atmospheric contamination that might affect the weld. It generally involves a lot of heat and electric current, but cuts the metal with ease and accuracy and do not leave any poisonous gas. The tig welder generally uses the consumable electrode called tungsten electrode that do not burn off or dissolve during the weld and in any means, it do not uses filler bar at all for bonding of two metals together. Due to this welder, the tig welding is considered as one of the best and high quality welding methods in the industry.

Any welding machines needs gas and it uses argon or combination of helium and argon and when it was invented, only the argon gas was compatible, while later, helium gas was also comfortable. When the user uses this welding machine, they can get superior quality welds with the great control of the heat of the electrode. Remember that better heat control results in fewer distortions and there is no spatter that gets generated due to this process. Than any other process, this process is used to weld more number of metals and alloys and produce longer welds. You can also weld heavy type of metals and there have been several joints designed for this welding where joining of two metal pieces seems to be easier.

There are different types of tig welders available in the market and all are of quality type and weld the metals of different dimensions and thickness with ease. They have been designed of inverter type and have over current warning facility such that it indicates when the current exceeds the limit. It virtually cuts any type of metal with ease and you do not require large space to set up this welding machine because it is available in portable type. It is environment free and do not pollute the environment through air pollution and also do not make some heavy noise and disturbs the environment.

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