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Inverter Welding Circuit

July 28th, 2011

Inverter Welding Circuit

Inverter Fault analysis and preventive measures Рinverter fault РHC net electrical industry   by hi joiney

1, the inverter and prevention of major failures The use of methods to set the environment is incorrect or unreasonable, will be likely to cause inverter malfunction and failure, or can not meet the expected operating results. As a precaution, prior to the fault of careful analysis is very important. 1, external electromagnetic interference Around if there is interference source inverter, which will be penetrated by radiation or inverter’s internal power line, causing control circuit malfunction, resulting in not working properly or shut down, or even serious damage to inverter. Improve the converter’s own anti-interference ability is important, but limited due to equipment costs, to noise suppression in external measures to eliminate sources of interference appear to be more reasonable and more necessary. The following measures is to implement noise “three noes” principle of specific methods: Inverter around all the relays, contactors coils on the control voltage required installation of anti-shock absorption devices such as RC absorber; control loop as short as possible wiring distance, and it separated the main line; specified using shielded wire loop, subject to the provisions, if the line is longer, the relay should be a reasonable approach; inverter ground terminal should be carried out, can not be the same Electric welding , Dynamic ground mix; converter input noise filter installed to prevent the introduction of interference from the power inlet. 2, the installation environment Inverter devices are electronic devices, detailed in his book, installation specifications and environmental requirements. In exceptional circumstances, if indeed not meet these requirements, must use the appropriate restraining measures: Vibration is caused by mechanical damage of electronic devices the main reason for the larger occasion for shock and vibration should be used Rubber And other anti-vibration measures; wet, corrosive gas and dust will cause the electronic device such as rust, poor contact, insulation reduces the formation of a short circuit, as a precautionary measure, should carry out control panel Antisepsis Dust treatment, and using a closed structure; temperature is the life and reliability of electronic devices an important factor, especially Semiconductor Devices should be based on the environmental conditions required to install devices Air conditioning Or to avoid direct sunlight. In addition to the 3 o’clock, the regular inspection of air transducer Filter And the cooling fan is also very necessary. For special occasions cold, because the temperature is too low to prevent the microprocessor does not work, set to take the necessary measures such as space heaters. 3, power anomalies Power anomaly appears in various forms, but broadly divided into the following three kinds, namely lack of phase, low voltage, power outages, sometimes there are the mixed form. The main reason for these anomalies are mostly due to transmission line wind, snow, lightning caused, sometimes within the system because the same power-to-ground short-circuit and short circuit between phases. The lightning strike due to geographical and seasonal very different. In addition to voltage fluctuations, some power or self power generation units, there will be frequency fluctuations, and these phenomena are sometimes repeated in a short time, to ensure the normal operation of the inverter power supply also made corresponding requirements. 1) If you start near a direct Electric motor And Cooker And other equipment, to prevent these devices caused by input voltage decreases and the inverter power supply should be separated, reducing the interaction; 2) The requirements could continue to run after the instantaneous blackout occasions, in addition to select the appropriate price of the converter outside , but also because of anticipated load Motor The spin-down ratio. Converter and external control loop compensation with instantaneous stop, when the voltage response, the motor speed through the speed of tracking and testing to prevent the acceleration in the over-current; 3) for the required amount needed to run the equipment, to the inverter installation of automatic switching devices without power supply. Diode control input and the use of single-phase power inverter, although lack of state can continue to work with, but the rectifier current is too large and the individual components of the pulse current capacitor is too large, if the long-run will be the life of converter and reliability of the adverse effects, should try to check the address. 4, lightning, thunder and lightning sensors Lightning or lightning induced voltage is sometimes formed by the impact can cause damage to the inverter. In addition, when the power system with a side of the vacuum circuit breaker, the circuit breaker opening and closing can also produce high impulse voltage, shown in Figure 1. Transformer primary side of the vacuum circuit breaker disconnect, by coupling the formation of the secondary impact of the high voltage spikes. Impulse voltage to prevent damage caused by over-voltage, typically require the input of the converter increases absorption devices such as pressure-sensitive resistor to ensure that input voltage is not higher than during the main circuit of inverter maximum allowed voltage, shown in Figure 2. When using vacuum circuit breakers should be as far as possible the impact of the formation of additional RC surge absorber. If transformer primary side of a vacuum circuit breaker, as in the control of movement timing ensures the vacuum circuit breaker off before the first inverter. 2, inverter their fault diagnosis and prevention of functional Past transistor inverter has the following main disadvantages: easy trip, not easy to start again, too low load capacity. As the IGBT, and CPU The rapid development of the internal converter to increase the perfect self-diagnosis and fault prevention function, significantly improved inverter reliability. If you use the Vector Control Inverter “all areas of automatic torque compensation function”, which “lack of starting torque,” “due to changes in environmental conditions contribute to down” of machine, will be well overcome. This feature is the use of internal micro-inverter, high-speed computer operation to calculate the torque needed to the current time, the rapid correction of the output voltage and compensation to offset changes in external conditions caused by changes in output torque converter. In addition, the software development a more complete converter can be set in advance of the internal inverter of fault prevention measures, and to remain after the failure to resolve to continue to run, such as: free parking on the process of motor re- start; automatically reset the internal fault and maintain continuous operation; load torque is too large to run automatically adjust curves, avoid Trip; mechanical systems can detect the abnormal torque. Three, inverter effect on the surrounding equipment and fault prevention Installed inverter will also affect other equipment, and sometimes cause other equipment failures. Therefore, the analysis of these factors and to study what measures should be taken when absolutely necessary. 1, the power of higher harmonics Because almost all of the current inverter with PWM control, this form of pulse modulation

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