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September 21st, 2011

Inverter Welding Equipment

Common method of detecting transducer repair РHC Network electrical industry   by jekky

Routine maintenance in the converter process, the frequently encountered various problems, such as the external line problems, parameter settings bad or mechanical failure. If the inverter fails, how to judge which part of the problem, a brief description here.

1, static Test 1, testing rectification circuit Internal DC power converter to find the P side and N side, will be transferred to resistance multimeter X10 file, received a red table rod P, black bar table according to the respective R, S, T, should be about tens of Europe resistance, and the basic balance. Contrary to received the P-side black bar table, bar table in turn received a red R, S, T, there is a close to infinite resistance. Received the red form N-bar, repeat these steps should get the same results. If you have the following results, you can determine the circuit is abnormal, A. unbalanced resistance can explain rectifier bridge failure. B. Red Table rod connected P-side, the resistance to infinity, can be concluded that starting resistance bridge rectifier failure or malfunction.

2, test inverter circuit Received the red table

P-side bar, and black bars were then U, V, W, there should be dozens of Europe’s resistance, and resistance of each phase is basically the same, RP should be infinite. Will receive N-black bar table, repeat the above steps should get the same results, or to determine the inverter module failure.

Second, dynamic testing Normal after the test results in a static, dynamic testing can be conducted, that power test machine. Before and after the power is important to note

The following: 1, before the power required to confirm whether input voltage is wrong, access to 380V power into 220V-class inverter machine appears fried (fried capacitors, varistors, modules, etc.).

2, check the inverter broadcast the access port is properly connected, the connection is a loose connection may cause abnormal and sometimes inverter failure, a serious explosion occurs when the machine and so on.

3, after the power failure detection display, and a preliminary determination and the reasons for failure.

4, failure to show fault, first check whether there is abnormal parameters, and parameters of reversion was conducted after the load (motor not connected) case start converter, and test U, V, W phase output voltage. The event of lack of phase, phase unbalance, etc., then the module or driver board is defective.

5, the output voltage is normal (no open phase, three phase) of the case, with a load test. Test, the best full load test.

Third, failure to judge 1, rectifier module damage Generally due to the power grid voltage or an internal short circuit. Exclude internal short circuit in the case, replace the rectifier bridge. The fault at the scene, they should focus on examination of the user network, such as a grid voltage, with or without Electric welding Machine on the network have contaminated equipment.

2, inverter module damage General is due to electrical or Cable Fault caused damage, and driver. After the repair drive circuit, test drive waveform in good condition, the replacement module. Services at the scene after the replacement driver board must also pay attention to check the motor and connection cable. Without any failure in the determining, the run converter.

3, no display power Generally due to damage or soft-switching power supply charge circuit to DC circuit damage caused by non-DC, such as the startup resistor is damaged, it could also be Panel Damage.

4, is displayed after power-over-voltage or under voltage Phase

general as input, the circuit board damp caused by aging. To find the voltage detection circuit and the detection point, replace the damaged device.

5, is displayed after power-ground over-current or short circuit

Generally due to the current detection circuit is damaged. Such as the Hall element, amplifier and so on.

6, show starts over-current Generally due to the inverter module driving circuit or damage caused.

7, no-load output voltage is normal, after the show with a set overload or overcurrent

That case are generally due to improper parameter setting or driver circuit aging, damage caused by the module. Comment Large   In   Small

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