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June 4th, 2011

Inverter Welding Units

Notebook computer software and hardware of the common fault summary   by Tangyind

A virtual caused many, welding

Because the present notebook encapsulation are using BGA encapsulation, BGA packaging has its great advantage, but due to the tin bead welding, the welding in use often causes virtual welding phenomenon, so as to produce all sorts of problems, in desktop motherboard mainly displays in CPU a virtual welding, and in most of the notebook performance in video card virtual welding, causing the flower screen, screen not bright wait for a phenomenon.

For virtual welding (BGA) package, at present the most professional maintenance is the BGA rework stations station of welding or plant to BGA ball, in order to achieve the purpose of repair. At present the relatively high price standing BGA rework stations, so many thrusters are not have this equipment, they often take the electric equipment such as heat, due to uneven heating in heating process and heating temperature can’t master, cause the mainboard deformation or the original fall off, and cause irreparable damage. So we warns customer, if in maintenance maintenance personnel said that your motherboard virtual welding, must carefully to see if they have a professional BGA equipment, they might have in various tried to stop you see equipment, then you’ll be careful.

Due to the high investment and BGA equipment in the maintenance of high risk, so the cost of welding BGA will be very expensive. BGA equipment is not everything. There’s mastercard in maintenance because all kinds of main board of BGA curve different, may cause video card not bright phenomenon, although through professional plant ball equipment could recover, but because there are high risk, so before in maintenance, the maintenance personnel will you audited, or a service agreement.

BGA maintenance also called the maintenance of chip level, its maintenance also is not to the industry of the propaganda so advanced. Before the maintenance, the maintenance personnel will help of welding anointed blowing in the chip to welding below, then put on the BGA motherboard, according to the different chip, the welding temperature and the temperature change of the curve is different, so that the main board and chip perfect welding, in order to achieve the purpose of repair.

As laptop comparison of the original closely, so some sort of trouble after welding machine after the repair of BGA may be solved, so everyone in determining the main laptop to before welding must careful, if the mainboard deformation or the original fall off, may never recover.

Second, loose connections

Notebook repairs the keyboard and motherboard, nic,, and many other components between the card of the link or buckle, in use due to the collision, shift and very easy to cause the loose, and cause a certain function, not with or not completely usable, performance is what most of the screen and keyboard line line loose loose, such failure after the disassembling is easy to solve, so if your notebook after collision or appears after the shaking some function problems, then you should think loose attachment, if they can tear open outfit can solve itself, you can’t tear open outfit had better go to professional maintenance personnel of thrusters please help.

Three, keyboard problem

The keyboard problem in maintenance is often appear, the performance of the most liquid or lack of buttons for splash. So remind everybody in the operation of the liquid beverage etc don’t put on the computer nearby, lest cause a long time of regret. Habit of a lot of people will be covered with a layer of the keyboard plastic film, although can play a protective role for some, but because of the general calorific value is the keyboard the maximum CPU or video card, the keyboard is also they heat dissipation a main way, so do not use common plastic film, had better use special laptop keyboard sets.

In the notebook repairs, laptop keyboard maintenance of the success rate is very low, so if your keyboard into water caused extensive button bad to use or cross-links, better for a new or used the keyboard.

Four, battery problems

The battery problem is also in the notebook repairs the more common problems, mainly for the battery time kept getting shorter, the battery can’t charge, or charging can’t display.

For charging, and charging can’t unable to show, is the largest power chip problems. And the battery 0910 error, and charging a shorter time is mainly we in the daily use of the caused by the improper use. We in the daily use of the long time if can use external power supply best will use unloaded battery, but the battery also cannot long placed, best a month or so for a deep charging and discharging, in place before had better will be a full battery, so as to avoid the battery permanent dormancy, can’t activate.

Five, heat dissipation problems

Heat is also one of the most common problems notebook. With the laptop in a long time, heat sink, in the keyboard will often of dust, or that the floe sharply, and cause laptop often freezes problem, you can by touch, outlet, the clavier surface, such as notebook on the back of notice symptoms.

For heat dissipation problems, we don’t use the sharp edge tool to remove dust insert fan, so as to avoid the fan pages damaged, the CPU fan and cooling unit is done in the together, if fan pages damaged, can cause the heat is bad, the noise increases, the need to replace the serious fan, because the cost of CPU fan is very expensive, so you’d better form the good habit of regular cleaning notebook, can establish long-term cooperation and a thrusters, so as to save cost and avoid to cause the damage on the tear open outfit, this and we used to go to the specified cut head similar stores.

Six, memory compatibility problems

About the compatibility problem in our memory also can see on the desktop, but in the notebook is particularly outstanding, and memory not compatible with often causes machine can’t start, operation procedures such as blue hold down. If your machine appear these fault you can oneself start work to remove a memory, if the problem is to solve the problem of memory compatible.

So in the choose and buy when the choose and buy the best memory and two with time, the same brand of memory, and try to choose some a brand memory, their compatibility would be much better. In fact the memory was also need not idle, if your problem is not regular appear, so you can better memory on the closed beta compatibility, bad on the outside, in the problems of the time is convenient for insertion.

Seven, power interface problems

Interface with the problem may be that now the common fault of the electronic products. The power source of the main square laptop interface type and round two. In maintenance we found party caused by bad contacts type interface problems more, because the inserted not convenient, is very easy to create “internal welding, meet this kind of problem and welding just take temporary solution, the root of the method is to circular interface.

Many friends may feel this is just small problems, if long time contact undesirable, may cause laptop internal power management chips damage, causing the notebook unbootable fault, replace the power management chips in about the price of hundreds of yuan, and probably because they can’t find matching power management chips and cause the abandonment of the whole machine.

Eight, USB problems

USB equipment is we are the most widely used external storage equipment, many people think that USB support hot swaps, can literally inserted USB. USB equipment in computer in the main to direct management occurrence, if not very hot swap might have caused occurrence burned.

As the main chip occurrence motherboard, and the maintenance of the price is very high, so everyone in the usual use must be aware of some of his own bad habits.

Nine, screen shaft problem

Screen laptop screen and host shaft as a major part of the connection, the extent of the damage is very high also, is mainly caused by the improper operation. We in the daily use of the screen to evenly over when hard, do not hold the screen at one end of the force pulling, so as to avoid the screen shaft fracture.

If that your screen shaft has fractured, will be repaired in time, in order to avoid the long time stress and bad are uneven housing, housing price is not cheap things! Screen shaft is also may cause we pulled the problem to say.

Ten, tube and inverter

As LCD backlight source tubes, damage will cause no backlighting issues, such a problem we can judge by external monitor, Dell Inspiron 1300 Inverter with power for screen as the parts is also easy damaged, performance and tubes similar, maintenance up is relatively simple.

11, password problem

As laptop password storage in professional chip, not desktop motherboard and as through the discharge method can solve, so we set password in must be pay attention to, can not Settings will try not to set multi-level password, to forget the password, we can through the mountains in the software such as red leaves password hacking tool cracked, for some more professional code-breaking, best professional maintenance shop please professional crack.

Twelve, system problem

Now the desktop is better production system, drive also easy to install, but on a laptop computer, because the chip architecture notebook differ in thousands ways, and some laptop drive in the installation process more complicated, some power management, touch screen, mass storage, of the display card installation should be the original machine CD, the driver can’t play on in the operation of the system may cause problems, so the driver installed laptop you to professional repair shops in the installation.

In the actual notebook repairs, laptop computers, occurrence breakdown differ in thousands ways, the author summarized here also can’t one, although hard disk failure probability is very big, but due to the fault is easier to judgment, so we have no list.

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In the actual notebook repairs, laptop computers, occurrence breakdown differ in thousands ways, the author summarized here also can’t one, although hard disk failure probability is very big, but due to the fault is easier to judgment, so we have no list.

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