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April 26th, 2010

Jet Engine Manufacturers

Saab Cars- Generated From jets   by Brian Hamsons

Saab: promoting its car models: –

Saab is marketing the cars by using the campaigns which was related to the aircraft maker of Sweden. The main motive behind this kind of campaigning of the car models is to popularize the car models and to emphasize on the fact that there cars had been born from jets. Another reason is that these cars have got the design of the aircraft aerodynamic. These kinds of tactics are adopted by the company to attract the people by saying that same technology is used in the manufacturing of the cars which is used in the planes.

Facts about Saab Company: –

The first automobile from the company was made in year 1949 which is currently under the General Motors which is now the largest automaker in the globe. Besides this, the jet division of Saab is separate one which is still owned by Swedes. So people are still confused whether GM and Saab are working together or they both have their own ways in the manufacturing of the vehicles.

Car models of Saab: –

Saab had been a leader in the production of the car models which are unique and serving the needs of the people. Recently the company had manufactured a concept car which is composed of the traditional doors. These doors are very much similar to the doors which are used in the fighter jets so that they can form a canopy. Whole car is made up of the light materials so that fuel economy can also be maintained. Besides this, company had also decided to use the ethanol instead of using the gasoline.

The engine used in the models of Saab is V6 engine which is providing the 400 hp and is present in dual quantity in order to enhance the performance of the car. The production of these car models are increasing and people are more enthusiastic about the generation of the new version of cars.

History of the Saab: –

The starting of the company was in the year 1937 which was soon after the outbreak of II world war. During the initial stages the company was into the production of the jet air planes which were used in fights. But after the 1949, Saab introduced the manufacturing of the unique and high quality well engineered cars. The main concept in the designing of the car is the aerodynamic nature which is used in the jet planes.

After then, Saab entered into the production of the safe and innovative cars as manufactured by Volvo. They had improved their technology to produce the heavy bumpers, high impact doors, engines which are turbo charged and other designer features which are now famous all over the globe.

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