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Jet Engine Mechanic Salary

December 11th, 2011

Jet Engine Mechanic Salary

Japanese media predict China engine development in recent years will be great breakthrough within

China’s military jet engine research and development ability is rising fast, this not only about China’s military has a great influence on the independent, will have great influence in global military industry. But, in the form of the independent high performance fan engine manufacturing capacity on the strategic goal, still face some major obstacles. China’s jet engine research and development is not smooth, but a lot of resources into may help in this respect has made great progress. If realize breakthrough, will produce profound influence.

China’s strategic impact of jet engines

For a long time, China’s domestic are hard for fighter jet engine, the production high performance slowing down the new modern aircraft the pace of development and production. In order to solve this problem, in the next five years, catic industrial group will spend 10 billion yuan (us $1.5 billion) fund, the research and development of the jet engine.

China’s aviation industry is in pursuit of a large manufacturing high performance tactics of the engine ability, this involves the following four strategy:

To avoid dependence on foreign parts supply: as China becomes more and more development of his tactical aircraft, it didn’t want to spare parts by the domestic suppliers decided to supply, is mainly refers to Russia.
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The safe supply: China does not determine Russia in the next ten years to meet its needs, whether because Russia engine manufacturer also to the Russian air force in the process of modernization, and other foreign buyers customer delivery engine.

Aircraft sales independent: China is becoming a whole aircraft exporters, but if the engine supplier think it is and their planes in direct competition with the sales of China, may be voted, and China is powerless. For example, in October 2010, MiGaoYang chief executive officer of the company, and the company that use the same russian-made aircraft engine China affects their export, and to feel unhappy.

Avoid bad after service: Russian arms sales service often unsatisfactory, China hopes to it.

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