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July 11th, 2012

Jet Engineering

Why is Jet lag so devistating on vacation to the Philippines?    by James Weaver

Why is Jet lag so devistating on vacation to the Philippines? Jet lag is all about your internal time clock! Lets look at how devistating jet lag can be, when you go on vacation to a place like Boracay in hte Philippines! If you are traveling from lets say Atlanta, Georgia or Detroit Michigan to the Philippines it is anywhere from 18-24 hours of travel time just to Manila, and then you are on a plane again from Manila to Caticlan where you get off a plane and get on a boat to the island of Boracay. Once you get to Boracay the devistating effects of jet lag can ruin your vacation! Most people spend so much money to take a vacation and then to arrive and be falling asleep at 12:00 noon or even later that night in when you are trying to enjoy the night life, can be devistating and embarrassing! Lets face it at 12:00 noon in Boracay (back in the USA) its 12:00 midnight and time to go to bed! So how do you fix this problem, or at least minimize it? Go see the Elite Advanced Chiropractor in Boracay, he specializes in Jet lag and can minimize or eliminate it for you so you can enjoy your vacation and have the time of your life! It doesn’t stop there because if you go see the Elite Advanced Chiropractor before returning home he can also help you adjsut for the trip home so the effects when you get home are not so devistating! The Elite Advanced Chiropractor is not just going to evaluate you for chiropractor care, but also homeopathy, energy medicine, vibrational therapy, cold laser, nutritional testing, laser acupuncture, laser auricular therapy, radionics, and rife technology. So Be sure to go to the google search engine an type in Elite Advanced Chiropractor in Boracay!

About the Author

Dr.James Weaver CCEP, DC is a Elite Advanced Chiropractor at the top of his field and has a extensive background in alternative healthcare and nutrition. He reviews some of the best natural healthcare programs avaialble!
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