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Lathe Machine Parts

December 11th, 2006

Lathe Machine Parts

Machine Tools – Drill Machine, Wood Working Machinery, Shearing Machine

Machine Tools

Nowadays, a wide range of latest machinery is manufactured and readily available in the market. Constant research and development activities have evolved the modern concept of
machine tools
; that is basically a category of machines used as tools for manufacturing other machines. Hence, a machine tool can be termed as a powered mechanical device that is generally used to fabricate metal components of machines; which is also known as machining and refers to the selective removal of metal.

Machine tools are commonly powered by electricity and can be operated manually or controlled automatically. Traditional machines used flywheels to balance their motion and consisted of a complex system of gears and levers, for controlling the machine as well as the piece used for that activity. Later on machines that could be controlled by computers were developed in order to provide better flexibility in the manufacturing process. Such machines can repeat a specific sequence for longer durations, and produce even more complex pieces; as compared to the skilled machine operators.

A drill machine is an example of such advanced technology; that contains a magazine with various types of drill bits used for producing holes of different sizes. Earlier, either the tool operators had to manually change the bit or move the work piece to another station to carry out diverse operations; and then combine several different machine tools together. Now machines that can automatically change a particular cutting or shaping tool are available. From the very simple to the most complex, these capable and latest machine tools are mainly used to produce different kinds of machine parts that are suitable for a specific purpose.

Wood working machinery is a special type of machine which is typically operated to process wood and used for woodworking. These equipments are meant for cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, joining, finishing etc. The
lathe machine
is intended for creating items that have symmetry about an axis of rotation; and used for accurately machining relatively hard materials. A shearing machine is utilized for cutting large sheets, bars and plates of metallic and non-metallic materials into diverse shapes


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