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Lincoln Tig Welder

January 12th, 2007

Lincoln Tig Welder

Welding Inverters

People today are usually asking me about MultiProcess welders. My pat answer has generally been “not a excellent idea”.My reason was based on multiprocess welders like the Miller Shopmaster that does Tig, Mig, and Stick welding mainly because unless you are the only one working with it, all the hoses, torches, and cables on a multi-process welder like the Shopmaster turn into an octopus and are just plain unmanageable.But now there are inverter power sources that Tig, Stick, and Plasma Cut.And now, abruptly, I am interested yet again.Currently being in a position to plasma cut is a major deal. Specifically for sheet metal cuts. The plasma cutter does not care if the metal is aluminum, steel, titanium, copper, magnesium, or what ever. If it conducts electrical power, it will cut.Add in the capacity to tig weld thin sheet metal and even aluminum, along with the stick welding function, and you have a incredibly beneficial machine that charges only slightly much more than a tig welding machine that only tigs.That’s the good point about inverter energy sources. They are able to do all sorts of things with the arc that was not achievable with traditional power sources.Its only a matter of time just before an inverter power supply is readily available that can Tig, Stick, Mig, Flux Core, or Plasma Cut… and do it all well, and with pulsed present if you want it.Yet another one particular of my beefs in the previous with Multiprocess welding machines is that the old ones basically did not do any 1 approach exceptionally well. In addition to that, if the factor broke and it was your only welding machine, you have been out of luck.But the new inverter machines are so reasonably priced, a individual can buy one along with other machines, The Tig welding function is extremely great and you essentially get the plasma cutter option for a couple hundred bucks excess so now my thinking is… why not?Just don’t depend on it absolutely. Especially if it is your only machine and you depend on it for your company.One of the points you study if you have a modest Miller Dynasty 200 a/c d/c inverter Tig welder is how to do welding on thick aluminum castings with less amperage. I have had the opportunity to weld with two really well-known Tig welding inverters that are capable of Tig welding aluminum using 115v or 230v power the Miller Dynasty 200dx and the Lincoln Invertec v205t. Both machines are higher quality power sources but both of these welding machines are restricted to about 200 amps output. Currently being restricted to 200 amps makes you weld smarter not hotter. As a substitute of just setting the amperage to 275 and plowing ahead like you would on a heavy duty Tig Welding Machine, you have to use your head. Preheating thick aluminum parts is a established way to reduce the amperage necessary to weld. But when you are in your garage and do not have access to a heat treat furnace or oxy-fuel torch, how do you preheat? Nicely, here are a handful of tricks I have learned:Use a gas grill. But make confident the aluminum component to be welded does not include something dangerous that is going to taint the burgers you may possibly want to cook next week.


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Setting the Amps on a Lincoln Electric TIG Welder

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