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March 28th, 2007

Mig Deluxe Cart

Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment minimization techniques

According to studies by Forrester Research, the average

experiences some form of
shopping cart abandonment
. Currently, research shows the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 60% – 70% and that the average online shopper will abandon their shopping cart at least once a month. Those are alarming percentages and reducing it can mean a big increase in sales.

According to Forrester Research, the top reasons sited for cart abandonment are as follows:

* 57% – Didn’t want to pay shipping costs

* 48% – Total cost of purchase was more than expected

* 41% – Used the shopping cart for research

* 19% – Didn’t want to wait for the product

* 18% – Purchased offline instead

* 15% – Checkout process was too complicated

* 12% – Other reasons

How to minimize
e commerce shopping cart abandonment

1. Make sure your shopping cart environment is easy to understand and not confusing to the consumer

2. Your check out process should be simple, try not to have multiple steps to the check out process – sticking to a one step check out process is always best

3. Utilize software such as upsellit.com or kampyle.com that will allow you to survey why shoppers are abandoning their shopping carts and leaving your site, which will trigger an automated email to them

4. Test your checkout pages regularly to make sure everything is working properly

5. Add your companies 800 number to the check out process

6. Add SSL (secure socket layer) logo to check out process

7. Add a statement about how long your company will keep their items in the

shopping cart if they leave your website. If you can only hold items in their shopping cart for 24 hours then add this information to your check out page

8. Use a

platform like Criteo.com, fetchback.com, dotomi.com – retargeting your lost consumers will bring some of them back to your site to make a purchase

9. If you have multiple steps in the check out process include a progress indicator

10. Do not lower the price of your products and try to make up the difference in charging higher shipping and handling costs

11. Offer multiple payment and shipping options

12. From the check out page provide a link back to the product page for each item in the
shopping cart

13. Add thumbnail pictures inside the shopping cart, which will increase conversions by 10%

14. Provide shipping cost before the shopper gets to the check out process

15. Provide real time stock inventory of the item the shopper is adding to their shopping cart

16. Make it easy for shoppers to edit their shopping cart

Using these strategies will lower your shopping cart abandonment rate and increase your sales!



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Qiana Jones, President/CEO – Goliath Marketing & Advertising

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