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Mig Tig Plasma

August 9th, 2004

Mig Tig Plasma

Difference between Plasma Cutter and Mig Welder:   by John Peter

With the new technologies increasing like the speed of light, welding has become a lot easier than before. Now you can weld the metals faster with new technology. Today you will learn the difference between plasma cutter and Mig welders. But before moving to differences you should understand the basic principals of welding.

Welding is actually used for combining two or more metals by electrode. The welding is widely utilized by the construction zone people. These are also used in manufacturing companies. While welding you need to be very safe because of sparks which comes out while cutting the metals. So for this you need to wear a welding helmet and gloves which protects the eyes and hands respectively. If not it can damage your retina and can also burn your hand. There are many types of welders which are used for different purposes such as Mig welder, Tig welder, Arc welder, Plasma cutter and spot welder.

Plasma cutter:

These are applied for cutting almost all the metals. The plasma arc welding works only with the help of plasma cutter. The plasma is formed only if a gas is passed at a high speed from nozzle which forms an electric arc on the below level. These blows the melted metals very fast after it are cut. The metals are cut very easily and faster with this machine. The speed of this machine is ten times faster than other welding machines. Generally while cutting the inner surface of the metal is hot but with this cutter the inside of metal stays cool. Some welding machines catch flames very quickly while cutting but with plasma cutter you can be tension free. While working with plasma cutter, work in an open or ventilated place because it produces toxin flumes which are dangerous for your health. The metals cut by this machine needs more voltage supply for cutting. These are also utilized for cutting different shapes of metals. The plasma cutter gives more productivity than Mig welders because of speed.

Mig welder:

The short form of Metal Inert Gas is MIG. When these are used for welding purpose then it is known as Gas Metal Arc welding. The main advantage of this welder is it causes less time than other welders. They are famous for cutting aluminum and steel metal. These are light weight are easy to carry. The metals which are long in length can be cut in one shot. You can weld the metal from any angle with this welder. These are dependant on voltage and feed rate. If they are not set properly then the metal which is welded won’t have neat finish. The disadvantage of Mig welder is it doesn’t cut neatly in thick metal. If the nozzle or tip is damage then the changing cost is very expensive. But you don’t have to clean the metal after it is welded. These are generally used by the farmers and fabricators companies.

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