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Mig Welding Equipment

June 26th, 2013

mig welding equipment
where can i buy mig welding Equipment near san jose california?

names of store i could buy it would be very helpful

thank you

It astonishes me how people these days do not know how to use the yellow pages.

Just look under “welding- supplies and equipment” or some similar topic in the yellow pages. Also, you can simply use http://maps.google.com.

However, I think your best bet is to buy online. Ebay can be a source of very good deals on mildly used equipment.

Brand new equipment tends to be expensive. However, when it comes to MIG welding machines you almost always “get what you pay for.”

For a MIG welder, you really want to have a machine with at least 250 amps output. You should expect to pay around $1,600 for a quality MIG machine.

It’s a poorly known fact that makers of MIG welders tend to seriously exaggerate the capabilities of their machines! You should simply not consider buying a low-powered MIG machine under 200 amps output. You may be tempted to do so in order to save money. But, if you buy a machine that has less than 200 amps you should not weld any thicker than 1/8″ steel, otherwise you risk making welds with severe lack of fusion and lack of penetration defects. It’s another poorly know fact that MIG welding requires twice as much current as other processes to weld the same thickness. I’ve seen manufacturers claim that their 150 amps MIG machine can weld up to 1/2″ thick steel. That’s utter bull$hit. Caveat emptor.

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