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Miller Tig Welders

December 19th, 2010

Miller Tig Welders

Tips on Purchasing a TIG Welding Machine   by Andrei Smith

Choosing the right TIG welding machine can be very challenging and confusing. The common predicament most consumers encounter when purchasing a TIG welder is finding a setup that precisely meets both their needs and budget.

TIG welding, which stands for Tungsten Inert Gas welding, is is the slowest yet the most handy and precise type of welding. It is also called Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Unlike other welding methods, TIG welding makes use of an electrode shielded in an inert gas to create a weld puddle. In this process, a welding rod is stuck in the arc to craft the weld bead. What’s great about a TIG welding machine is its capacity to weld thick pieces of metal together without using a filler.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in purchasing a TIG welder:

* Take into consideration your welding task. You should buy a TIG welder that is appropriate for your quality needs. If you work in motorcycle shops and auto garages, TIG welders are very handy in welding the frames of bicycles and cars together. For those who only do welding as a hobby, look into the machine efficiency specifications. Welding hobbyists don’t need high-end and powerful TIG to do basic welding tasks.

* To ensure product quality and reliability, better buy from reputable manufacturers such as Lincoln, Miller and Hobart. Contact the companies directly and inquire if they offer warehouse clearance sale.

* Be wise and shop around. If you want to save money on TIG welding machine, go to the nearest welding supply stores in your area. Also check out the classified ads of local newspapers or publications like Uncle Henry’s. Explore the pages of Ebay and Craiglist too. If you’re lucky enough, you might find a TIG welder being sold there at a dirt cheap price.

* Choose a TIG welder that matches the metal thickness you’re working on. The types of metals and thicknesses that can be welded always depend upon the welding process and particular machine. Bear in mind that MIG process cannot be utilized for metal components that are thousand of inch in thickness. Know the capabilities and limitations of the TIG welder before purchasing it. Ask the shop owner or better yet the manufacturer about it.

* Don’t purchase a TIG welding machine just because it’s cheap! Price shouldn’t the sole consideration. Read the customer ratings and reviews about the product. Participate and ask questions in relevant forums before you purchase anything. Post the specifications if you can to get feedback from experienced welding experts.

About the Author

Andrei Smith writes for Midwest Metal Products, one of industry’s leading providers of wire-formed, sheet metal fabricated and tubular metal products. Learn more information about sheet metal fabricating, point of purchase displays and wire forming.

Miller TIG Welder

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