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Milling Machine Rotary Table

September 5th, 2014

4″ Rotary Table Setup


t has been a long wait of 10 weeks but finally it arrived, by boat. My rotary table with dividing plate and tailstock. The folks over at the Little Machine Shop have a wonderfull range of products, this being one of them. All up it cost me about $370AUD with shipping.

This expose will deal with the unpacking and clean up of the components. I will try and work out how to use it over the coming weeks and add an article to the documentation section


It is finally here, a box from the USA…can it really be the rotary table? I had waited such a long time for this day to finally arrive.

Inside were thre boxes and a heap of statically sensitive foam fill. I used the vacuum cleaner to assist in the unpacking operation.

Everything was well wrapped in plastic and preserved in red grease. It could probably sustain many millions of years of mummyfication due to the grease.

Now how does this sucker pull to pieces?

There is a screw on the bottom that locks a vlack threaded ring. Remove the screw and unscrew the ring.

The rotary table should now ease out of the base with very little force. Grease everywhere.

There are two grub screws that keep the vernier locked into the base. Remove them and gently twist and pull until it is free.

The grease is hard to remove from the rotary table’s gear teeth. I opted for a brush with plastic bristles. Wear eye protection to avoid red grease eye!

The dividing plate is tricky. There are many holes and they are all full of grease. Patience is a neccessity.

Look at all those clean and shiny components. It is a real treat to run a clean workshop.

Here is a shot of the gears re greased with BP lithium grease, same as the mill. Not red but green.

Anybody getting turned on yet?. Shiny = Sexy!! I have stuck it on to see how it fits.

Different angle.

The clamp on the rear. See the black ring with a screw in it, that’s what I spoke of earlier.

And yet another angle.

Leftovers? No, this is the rest of the stuff, indexing plate and T-Nuts, bolts etc.

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