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Model Jet Airplanes

May 21st, 2012

Model Jet Airplanes

The World’s Stealth Fighter Jets¬†¬† by Mira Volkov

When it comes to hidden airplanes, the only model that is used at the moment is the F22 Raptor, deployed by the USAF. A number of these planes are being built all over the countries of the world though.

The F22, known as the best available hidden fighter jet of the last few years, has stopped being built because the costs are a bit too much, but it’s a extremely capable stealth plane despite the costs. The spy plane can be built to show off airspace superiority, but the F22 is capable for multirole objectives, attacking earth based tanks, or accomplishing intelligence missions.

US Air Forces has another prototype in the works, the Lightning II, who will be sold both as a fighter jet and as a bomber, and it’s a cooperation model between a number of states, with models projected to do the needs of these sides. There are even versions which are made to get down and to go back up vertically, without using a stretch of road. Once it begins fast manufacturing, it will probably be one of the most useful fighter jets of the USAF.

The Chinese has the Chengdu J-20 in initial production, a model which has good stealthy profile, but for the moment it’s looked at in the research stage. The first take off of the Chengdu stealth plane was in the year 2011. The J20 invisible aircraft is a single seat model, with twin power sources, the same as the Sukhoi T-50 and the Raptor.

The Sukhoi T50 is one other stealthy fighter jet that is being built this decade, this time in Russia. As soon as it initiates production, it will be the plane to replace the old Mig-29 and Sukhoi 27 models. Russia makes it together with the Indians, and each of the air forces will buy 200 of the Sukhoi radar optimized fighter jets.

Japan’s Air Force also has a invisible model in the works, a plane named ATD-X Shinshin, from Mitsubishi. For the next few years it will remain a test though, with the historicflying mission for the Shinshin being said to be in a few years. Japan is not a nation that one would believe to deploy a superior jet fighter, but the Japanese are creating the air force for the future conflicts, at which point the air forces that own the stealth technology will definitely benefit from an advantage in the eventuality of a war. Considering the airforces that Tokyo has in the vicinity, Korea and China being one of them, it is normal for them to make this step.

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The world’s stealth fighter jets don’t have a lot of models right now, but more great fighter jets are being made right now and others are being developed. The Sukhoi T-50 is one of these fighters that are in development.

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