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Model Jet Engine

September 14th, 2010

Model Jet Engine

Repair Parts For Your Motorcycle Models   by Victor Epand

Don’t cut the stock air filter housing. It is not only the housing that is restrictive but also the air filter element. Just put the screaming Beagle so called Hi-flow air filter kit on and is done with it. You will be throwing away money for the down load kit. It will not help. The two best performance items you can install is one, the high flow slip ones (which you did) and the high flow air filter kit. The calibration chip comes with it.

That is why it costs so much. Just punching a hole in the breather casing is a bad idea. You don’t know how it will flow. When you do the above you are leaning out the bike. Hunch the chip. Spark plugs will not help in the slightest. They all perform about the same.

On most models you adjust beam angel by turning in or out the adjustment screws on the headlight-housing frame. One screw is for distance (up/down), the other for wind age (left/right). Some models have only a wind age adjustment screw. The actual housing mounting bolts adjust for distance. I would be more specific, but there was no year, make, and model provided. Buy a copy of the service/repair manual. Learn about this and all maintenance and repair tasks.

These tacks were defective from the factory. A cold solder joint on the circuit board is the culprit. The problem can be fixed at home. The challenge is getting them open and putting them back together. It’s a permanent fix if you do manage to get it open without damage. The 1984 and 1985 VT700 Shadow tachometers share the same part numbers. I haven’t found a parts inter-changeability list for the Shadows.

K1-K4 models have 20mm float level settings, a #65 main jet for AT7B crabs and #58 Main jet for 533A models. Needle clip is #2 slot from the top, but you can play with it to increase throttle response. Adding choke as you indicated means that it is running lean, more than likely. Make sure that the gaskets/O-rings on the intake manifold, insulator and carb flanges are in good shape and there are no vacuum leaks between the carb and the head. These bikes tend to strip the threads in the manifold to head boltholes.

Be sure that the fuel tank is clean, the petcock (fuel valve passages are clear) and that the gas cap vent is OPEN when riding. Timing is fixed at 25 degrees before TDC at the F mark alignment. Points should just break open at the F mark. Valve clearances are critical on these small motors..002″ COLD for both intake and exhaust valves at TDC compression stroke.

There are tons of mini-trail type websites out there, plus lots of stuff on EBay all the time. Duplicator makes silver wheel paint for steel wheels that is pretty good for that application. Suzuki makes many models of bikes, and all the wheels are different. I would need your model and engine. Size to figure out which wheel you have.

Some models may have a clutch safety switch. Also there is a disconnect switch which turns off the lights while starting. If you have a millimeter or test light, check for power to your solenoid. Turn on the key, pull clutch lever, pushes the starter button and you should have power at the solenoid on the red/yellow and red/green wires.

They may be just yellow and green) If there is power their (12volts) and your battery is good, the solenoid should work. If it does nothing it is likely defective. A defective unit can be checked even off the bike. Ask the dealer to check it. If it doesn’t connect the two big posts when activated it is defective for sure.

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