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Plasma Cutter Safety:

August 9th, 2008

There are a little things regarding plasma cutter safety that are different from common welding safety tips. This small list of plasma cutter safety tips is geared toward light duty plasma cutting using compressed air not large manufacturing units that use gas mixtures and water cutting tables.

Electric Shock Can Kill:

– Operating a plasma cutter completes an electric circuit between the torch and the workpiece. The workpiece and something touching the workpiece are part of the electrical circuit.

– Never touch the torch body, workpiece or the water in a water table when the plasma system is working.

Voltages & Currents:

Plasma cutter output voltages are large amount greater than welding voltages, usually 100-200 volts.

Precautionary Measures:

– Don’t pick up the workpiece, including the waste cutoff, as you cut. Leave the workpiece in place on the workbench with the work wire attached during the cutting process.

– During plasma cutting processes don’t move the work clamp.

– Wear insulated gloves and boots, and keep your body and clothing dry.

– Don’t stand, sit or lie on or if not touch any wet surface when using the plasma cutter system.

– Insulate yourself from work and ground using dry insulating mats or covers large sufficient to prevent any physical contact with the work or ground. If you must work in or near a damp area, use great caution.

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