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August 6th, 2009

Plasma Shield

How to Play StarCraft successfully as Protoss

The Protoss have some of the most powerful units around, but they run a snail’s race. Their units and buildings take forever to build and cost a ton of resources. However, they have excellent defenses and once a large
force gets moving, it is very difficult to stop.

Step 1

Build your defenses quickly! Protoss units cost the most resources and take the longest time to build. In order to ensure that you live long enough to field any units, construct your defenses immediately! Build a couple zealots, then start on your cannon wall.

Step 2

Build cannon walls. Large walls of Photon Cannons are the best way to seal yourself off. Since they attack both land and air targets, just build the cannons end-to-end. This will give your enemies a serious headache if they try to breach the wall.

Step 3

Make sure your Pylon Crystals overlap. One weakness of the Protoss is their reliance on Pylons: Without a Pylon’s energy, Protoss buildings shut down and become useless. To prevent this, cover every building with the energy of at least two Pylons, and keep a Photon Cannon nearby.

Step 4

Use Zealots and Dark Templar as your primary ground units. Zealots are the first units you can get, and Dark Templar are basically buffed up, invisible Zealots. Both have a high Melee damage potential and will live longer than other basic infantry types. Just make sure they’re accompanied by more Zealots/Dark Templar and some Dragoon units for ranged offense.

Step 5

Roll out the Carriers. Protoss Carriers are devastating when fielded in groups. Alone, they are easy prey. Their interceptors are easily destroyed, and without them the Carrier is floating target practice. In groups, though, Carriers are floating death swarms. Send a pair of Arbiters along for the ride (just to follow, not attack) and your carriers will be next to invincible.

Step 6

Keep a Shield Battery handy. Protoss units may have rechargeable shields, but once those are depleted, the unit is vulnerable and cannot be restored. The shield battery ensures that all local units will have a full plasma shield charge before they venture into the field.


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