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Rc Jet Airplane

March 9th, 2007

Rc Jet Airplane

All about Remote Control Helicopters and their Various Types

A Remote Control Helicopters is a model aircraft different from an RC airplane in their construction, flight training and aerodynamics. There are several basic designs of RC helicopters existing today some of which maneuver more than others. These that maneuver more than others have collective pitch which means their blades rotate on longitudinal axis to reverse or vary lift. The harder to fly are the more maneuverable designs but have the added advantage of more aerobatic capabilities. Flight controls gives pilots control over collective and throttle, tail rotor and cyclic control of the helis. When all these controls are controlled in unison, the helicopter is able to perform most of its maneuvers as full-sized helicopters. The maneuvers include hovering and backward flight and other maneuvers that a full size helicopter cannot perform.

The controls effected on the RC choppers are made by means of servo motors which are also known as servos. One such example is the piezoelectric gyroscope normally used on the tail rotor control for countering the wind and torque-reaction induced in the tail movement. The “gyro” doesn’t apply a mechanical force but adjusts the control signal for the tail rotor servo. The engines for the helis used to be powered by methanol and run by two stroke motors. Today, the commonly used are the electric brushless motors in combination with a high performance lithium battery for efficiency, lifespan and performance compared to other brushed motors. The decrease in prices of RC choppers has brought them within reach of many hobbyists. Other fuels used include jet turbine and gasoline engines.

What are the types of Remote Control Helicopters?

These helicopters can be classified according to power sources and include nitro, electric, gas turbines, gasoline, batteries and petrol. The mechanical classifications of the RC helicopters include cyclic/collective pitch mixing for all power sources, coaxial electric rotors and fixed pitch electric rotors. There have been recent developments of practical electric helicopters which have become common, taking over the use of nitro helicopters that are commonly used. Another common toy helicopter is the gas-turbine helicopter which has increasingly become popular but its high cost puts it out of reach for most people.

The Nitro fuel Remote Control Helicopters are available in different sizes including 15, 30, 60 and 90. These numbers are from the size of engine used in the different models. The more powerful and bigger the engine, the larger the main rotor blade the helicopter is able to turn and thus the overall size the aircraft is bigger. The nitro helicopters have a typical flight time of 7 to 14 minutes which depends on the size of engine and tuning. The highest height of operation for RC helicopters be it nitro or electric is only limited to the height of operation at which the controller is able to see the model.

Electric RC helicopters flied on brushed motors operated with NiCad batteries. Recent developments have seen the technology for battery improve to make electric helicopters feasible in terms of flying time. These helicopters are now powered by lithium polymer batteries which provide high power output needed for high performance aerobatics and still are light in weight. 

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