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November 9th, 2011

Rc Jet Drives

Popular Electric RC Cars | RCToyHouse

Have you ever wondered why electric RC cars, especially the touring cars, are gaining popularity nowadays? It is because these toy cars look so real. These are the miniature versions of full-size cars that people drive or run. Typically, these touring toy cars utilize the sedan type of car bodies, 4-wheel drive, and a completely independent system of suspension. But there are some types that make use of 2-wheel drive, which is either front wheel or rear wheel.

When it comes to the transmission design, two main design philosophies are being applied to it. These are the belt and the shaft (or gear) driven. These two designs have been proven to be very efficient on a racetrack. Many people who are into these electric RC cars that are also touring cars find the belt driven design as to be very stable. On the other hand, shaft driven vehicles tend to possess a much higher top velocity.

As such, these touring cars are considered to be the heaviest when it is about on-road electric vehicles. As a matter of fact, these toys perform excellently when these are coupled with customized, high-torque motors, and high-end batteries.

The most popular kind of these toy vehicles are the 1/10th scale off-road cars. A lot of RC cars owners prefer this one because they can be run on any kind of surface. These off-road cars make use of a normal 540 electric motor. If you are thinking why these toys are stable even on bumpy surfaces, it is because of their long shock absorbing capability. Apart from it, these 1/10th scale off-road cars have bigger tires and deeper threads (also known as spikes) and are entirely rubber. The two-wheel drive remains to be the most in-demand type of off-road toy cars. Nevertheless, there are still four-wheel drives that are available out there.

There are also electric RC cars that used to be 1/12th scale on-road when it comes to running on-road. But these days, these toy cars are being maneuvered indoors and even outdoors. These can also be played on asphalt and even on smooth carpet.

Moreover, these toy cars use 540 size of electric motors and are powered by the so-called 4-cell NiMH or most commonly known as 1s Lipo, which are actually batteries. The most widely sold type of these RC cars are those that have pan chassis that features a transmission that is direct drive. These machines also make use of foam tires and lightweight Lexan type of bodies.

Now if you are wondering where to purchase these toy cars, you can check your local toy or hobby store. If you can’t find these toys from these shops, you can buy them from online stores. There are a lot of online toy stores that you can find on the Internet. Buying online can be very convenient as well. Your orders can even be delivered right at your doorstep. You can even compare designs, prices, sizes and other specifications according to your personal preference.

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