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Robotic Stick Welding:

August 17th, 2008

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is frequently referred to as stick or covered electrode welding. Stick welding is among the most widely used welding processes. The flux covering the electrode melts during welding. This forms the gas and slag to shield the arc and molten weld pool. The slag must be chipped off the weld bead after welding. The flux also provides a method of adding scavengers, deoxidizers, and alloying elements to the weld metal.

Stick Welding Benefits:

• Equipment used is simple, inexpensive, and portable.
• Electrode provides and regulates its own flux.
• Lower sensitivity to wind and drafts than gas shielded welding processes.
• All position capability.

Stick Welding Discontinuities:

• Undercut
• Incomplete fusion
• Porosity
• Slag Inclusions
• Cracks

Stick Welding Problems:

• Arc Blow
• Arc Stability
• Excessive spatter
• Incorrect weld profile
• Rough surface
• Porosity

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