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Safety for MIG Welder:

August 16th, 2008

Welding is a proven technique of permanently melding two metals together. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is a world renown and appreciated trade, however, the risks can out method the rewards of its manufacture if the proper MIG Welder Safety guidelines are not taken. MIG Welder protection should be the main concern of the practitioner, novice or master, it should not matter what their ability level is, and the correct safety measures should always be taken.

Some ordinary guidelines of security may seem common sense enough but sometimes employers may push out these guidelines, don’t let them. Even if you are welding on your own, it is very significant to follow all of the MIG Welder Safety protection in order to enjoy a safe, creative experience. Some examples of safety precautions are:

Make sure that all of your skin is covered and protected from the powerful UV light that is created. Just close your eyes for a quick tack will not insure that you will not get arc eye. (Arc eye is an extremely painful result of improper exposure to the welding light. The feeling of pins and needles being positioned in the eye is an ordinary description.)

Always make sure that the area you are working in has an enough exhaust system in place. If you have problem with extraction, be sure to wear a breathing mask. Never have everything that is flammable wherever close to where you are working.

Never fail to remember the basic MIG welder security guidelines and never attempt to weld with no an instructor if you are not considered a professional.

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