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Some Points about Used Plasma Cutters:

August 20th, 2008

1. Knowing the metal thickness that you will cut through earlier is actually helpful when shopping for a used plasma cutter. Knowing your preferred cutting speed is helpful as well. If you require cutting through 3/8″ steel at 10 in/minute for example, you’ll find used Everlast plasma cutters very acceptable. If you need to cut through 3/8″ steel at 75 in/minute, you will find a used Tokentools PowerPlasma 50 plasma cutter satisfactory. Keep in mind that the thicker the metal, the slower the cut and this is true even with high capability cutters. Should you get into a conversation concerning ratings, remember that the normal rate is 10 in/minute.

2. Plasma cutter duty cycles point out a minutes per 10 minutes ratio of a rated capability. If you were to use a machine with a 70% duty cycle for instance, it could run at 400 amps for 6 minutes without having to be cooled. This information is critical when used plasma cutters function in hot surrounds.

3. When looking at your choices of used plasma cutters, make sure you can supply a stable stream of clean and dry air from an excellence air compressor. You will also require ensuring that any air compressor you use is able of satisfying an exacting cutter’s pressure necessities. Every cutter has a different requirement, so do not think that one air pressure is suitable for every cutter. You might find a small cutter with a built in air compressor, but if you are in the market for a big cutter, be ready to seek out an external compressor with a 40 – 60 PSI.

4. Portability is one more significant issue to address. In many cases, a cutter that sits idle for a while is not that big of a deal. A cutter that will be idle for a long time, such as during transportation for example, is a large deal as it can affect the machine’s unit delay.

5. Do not forget to verify that all controls are simply accessible and functioning. All analytic lights should work and consumables (including and air filter and dryer) must accompany the whole machine at either a very little fee or at no charge at all.

6. You will also desire to see if the product’s warranty is still in effect. This will help you get your used plasma cutter serviced. If you can locate the cutter’s producer, and that manufacturer is local and still in business that is even better.

7. Upon closer assessment, avoid buying a used plasma cutter that has broken cables, dirty inside compartments or other visual signs of spoil. These types of signs point out a very short life span and/or expensive repairs down the road.

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