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April 14th, 2010

Tig Arc

A complete note on Arc welding and its Process

Arc welding is a huge process wherein electric arcs concentrated heat is used for metals are joined by the parent’s fusion and all the additional metals to be added to join usually provided by a very strong consumable electrode. For an arc current used is ether alternating or a direct current, it also depends on the material and also the electrode used.

Electroslag welding is a very keen process of welding. Electroslag welding {esw} does a important work of depositing two metals into the very own weld cavity which is between the two plates which has to be joined. To enclose the space by water or copper damn or else shoes so that molten slag could be prevented from running off. An initial arc which is formed from a filler wire with a piece of work and it is done till a sufficient pool of liquid metal is formed which is also used for the molten slag s electrical resistance. This type of welding is a very huge process.

Special equipments are required for this process generally for large plates which is weld horizontal welds up to certain inches which is only done by using nuclear reactor vessels or large machinery by welding them in one pass. The ESW has variations if the shielding is provided by a very appt appropriate gas and a continuous arc where weld metal is used is provided. This are called electrogas welding .or machines of the same kind.

Fluxed core arc welding is another process of welding flux cored arc welding {fcaw} this {FCAW} uses a tabular. flux that is much less brittle than the coating on SMWA electrodes with the tabular electrodes filled while preserving bits alloying benefit most of its potential. The weld from surrounding air is shield from the emissive fluxes non emissive fluxes are employed on large scale and also shielding gases are used. The deposition rate of the FCAW over the GMAW of higher weld metals leading to its popularity to a relatively heavy section or thickness. The ease with which the specific weld metal alloy chemistries could be developed is an major advantage of FCAW and with the new robotic system especially , this process could easily automated.

Gas metal arc welding is the third of this kind. It is also called GMAW. The other name is metal internal gas or (MIG) welding. External gases such as argon, helium gas mixtures or carbon dioxide are used for the weld zone. Oxidation can completely be prevented in the weld puddle by the dioxide present in the electrode which in turn makes the multiple weld layers possible at the joint. It is a very simple and a versatile apparatus. GMAW is relatively very economically welding apparatus which is used mostly by the welders. And it is only possible because of the two welding process over SMAW the temperatures comparatively low which is suitable for thin sheets and thinner sections. It is the most easily automated process.

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