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April 11th, 2000

Tig Weldcraft

Making Of Portable Welding Screens And Its Importance

Therefore a welder who works in the field has to have all the safety gadgets not only for him but also for the people around. If you working in middle of group of people and other valuable things you need to have all the safety gadgets required. How good you could be in your work or you would have the best risk taking capability, it will be a sheer disaster if u doesn’t have the portable welding screen in the work place.

The ultraviolet radiation is produced by all types of welding work or activities. They are arc welding, torch welding, plasma cutter, cutting and brazing, and soldering these are 4 types of welding work. Damaging the lenses of the eyes, burn on skin are harmful effects of UV radiation. The radiation built immense pain while working. Terribly painful flash burns and also causes incalculable damage

The hazards of the ultraviolet rays should be avoided. Visitors, workers and the most important the workers should be protected by the ultraviolet rays. Placing flame proof screens is the most effective way of achieving it in the place around the welding operation. In the surrounding area of welding operations, welding screens must be used for the protection. Welding screens also help to protect when body of the welder and also the shape of the steel cannot defend in the arc welder.

The most important accessory of welding is the portable welding screen. Flying debris, levels of UV rays and as well the harmful sparks could be avoided by the very efficient portable weld screen. To manage the proper activity of welding, portable weld screen are the best solution.

Most of the all the welders replaces there portable welding screen to that of a metal frames. Portable welding screen are made by very simple steps. The first step is to decide what would be exact size of the welding screen by cutting the metal and measuring it creating rectangles which could size marginally larger then the metal welding frame. The next step is to create the stands for the welding screen by cutting 2 pieces for the outrigger legs. Welding should be done after proper positioning of the rectangle.

Portable screen would be really light and easy to handle if it would not be with its add on. The next step would be zip ties and fasten the welding screen frame after finishing the welding work. The duration of making one portable screen from first to last would be of an hour. It is worth spending both money and time. For the best results it is good to have see- through welding screen a overhead crane carrying load and walking in and out around the forklift could be avoided using clear screen. All welding screens and curtains are very much available in all sizes and colors and shapes.

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