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August 29th, 2009

Tig Welding

A Brief on the Concept of Welding Tools   by mspaul

Today, most of us are unaware with the concept of different welding tools. So, let us first consider about different types of tools used in the industry. it is the basic tool that most of the welders make use of; it is a tool used for spot weld, burns holes in metals, in the fastest possible way. The next tool the welder use is a welding torch.it operates in order to make the weld and include several parts such as connection valve for the fuel gas and oxygen, chamber, handle and tip. Injector torch, cutting torch, etc are few different types of torches used for the purpose. Basically, welding torch is used to weld metals, while cutting torch is used to cut metals. Moreover, injector torch is used to mix two gases together.

In addition, an electrode either in the form of consumable or non-consumable is used to conduct current. Some of the consumable electrode methods are gas metal flux, submerged shielded metal arc, flux cored arc, while TIG and plasma arc welding comes under the category of non consumable electrode methods. Plasma cutter is the next modern invention in the field of industry. It is one of the latest technologies in the field, which is used to cut metals as well as steel of different thickness. However, along with these welding procedures, there are some of the safety welding gears that are important to consider such as welding helmets, goggles and gloves.

Welder is the major term used in the process of welding. A welder is a worker who has specialized in welding materials together. Different types of welders are there and all are specialists in their domains. TIG Welder is the welder who is specialized in TIG welding process. MIG Welder is a welder who do MIG welding process, while arc welder do arc welding process. Similarly, there are also other types of welders such as aluminum welder, wire feed welder, gas welder, plasma welder, steel welder, metal welder, repair welder, and many more. Also, laser hybrid welding, magnetic pulse welding and friction stir welding are some of the new welding process, established to make the welding an easy task.

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