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Tig Welding Aluminum

April 16th, 2012

Tig Welding Aluminum

Tig Welding How To – Tig Welding Aluminum Castings with A Miller Dynasty 200 Amp Inverter

I am using 6013 1/16 ” electrodes now. I have noticed they are a bit shallow as well as sometimes on small joints Really easy to implement go over them because initially it is only flux that basically lays down. Any civilized suggestion is appreciated. I am somewhat embarrassed to point out to my efforts so far but I most certainly will in a separate post when i hone my skills. Mainly now I will do a assessment of this process. So let me beging with the pros of arc welding. Some may be it is less pricey for equipment than MIG in addition to TIG welding. Secondly, the heat is instantaneous and may be excellent for tack welding armatures and metal furniture that you could finish with oxyacetylene. In addition, because you are not even warming up the possess a flame, the heat is highly focused and warpage can be greatly reduced. Finally, this specific welder I have can be quite light weight and there is no gas gauges to see over. Now the second section of the assessment. )Another tip for reducing the amperage needs to Tig weld aluminum is ty trying a 50/50 or 80/20 argon/helium the cost of gas mix. The added helium really is important. Not only will you would like less amperage, but typically the aluminum will puddle more quickly and cleaner than by using pure argon. Trust me within this one! Lastly, I recommend using when small a Tig cup as they can. Some people refer to your potential customers as Tig welding nozzles but naturally it is the ceramic tip that continues the end of this Tig torch that sells the shielding gas to weld and protects any tungsten electrode from staying oxidized. Using a small Tig cup requires a lesser amount of shielding gas. For example a #7 cup could possibly want 15-20 cfh whereas a #4 cup will surely require 8-10 cfh. That much less gas blowing within the part makes a big difference in the amperage required. In addition to this specific, the arc energy that is dissipated comprising cathodic etching (also called cleaning action) will still only go where there might be gas shielding so there is extra arc energy for sale to be focused at any weld puddle. I reminded myself at all these tips just yesterday evening when I welded a new 4 inch machined ingot of 6061 aluminum having a Miller Dynasty 200 amp Tig welding inverter. I needed to replace some material that were miscut by a machine shop on the prototype part that already had a whole lot of machining time invested. I used the actual welding tips I mentioned earlier in this posting: I placed the part relating to the stove and preheated the idea to around 200 Y (exactly one beer). I ACTUALLY used a 50-50 argon/helium combination, and I used your 3/32 dia thoriated electrode accompanied by a #4 ceramic Tig nozzle. I was really surprised to look at only needed about 170 amps to get the job done, even though the component was pretty massive. .Welding inverters help weld quality and help reduce operating costs. But one has to pick the best kind of tungsten to obtain the maximum benefit from a good welding inverter.

AC TIG Welding Aluminium Sheet

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