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TIG welding torches:

August 12th, 2008

There are lots of different models of TIG welding torches and if you get the incorrect one, it’s similar to buying shoes that don’t fit…painful. So which TIG welding torch do you want? First of all, you need to come to a decision whether to go with air cooled or water cooled.

If you are a hobbyist welder, air cooled is the method to go. Why? For one thing, water coolers cost minimum $ 450 and air cooled TIG welding torches don’t need a water cooler. That’s why.

Once you choose between an air cooled vs. water cooled torch, then you still contain some choices to make. Like whether to get a large TIG torch or a little one, a TIG welding torch with a gas valve built in or not including, a flex head vs. a rigid head, a 12 foot vs. or a 25 foot torch, etc.

Here is a list of proposals to guide you to buying the right TIG torch for your position:

• If you want portability, a 26 foot torch is the way to go.
• For portable circumstances that need fairly high amperage similar to aluminum TIG welding, the large style air cooled torches similar to a number 18 or 26 are in order.
• For little precise and low amperage circumstances, a little gas cooled torch like a WP serious works great.
• If you can afford it, a coolant re-circulator like an Tokentools Cool mate opens up your choices and lets you use attractive much any TIG welding torch you want.

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