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Tips for Overhead Tig Welding:

August 4th, 2008

Following are the major pointers for learn how to tig welds overhead using the walk the cup method…

1. Enlarge the electrode far sufficient to have the correct torch angle.

2. Maintain the electrode sharp and if it gets crapped up, sharpen it or exchange to a sharp one.

3. A flex head welding torch assists for getting the torch body far sufficient away from the hot metal.

4. Maintain a tight arc…concerning same as electrode diameter used or tighter.

5. For welds on thicker metal, use several passes.

6. The lay wire method is popular, but dipping the rod is better for ensuring diffusion in the root pass.

7. If you dip, maintain the hot tip of the rod shielded with the argon as of the tig cup.

8. A gas lens works extremely well but is not forever essential.

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