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Welding Helmets With Cool Designs On Them

January 17th, 2011

Welding Helmets With Cool Designs On Them

Popular Welding Helmets by Jackson Safety


helmets are the headgear worn to protect the face and neck during

various welding operations. For example, arc welding, shielding metal

arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and gas metal arc welding are all

operations that require a welding helmet for safety and protection.

These helmets, such as Jackson welding helmets, protect from flash

burns, ultraviolet light, sparks, infrared light and heat. They also can

prevent damaging health risks such as arc eye, inflamed cornea, and

retina burns. Any unprotected exposure to the highly concentrated

release of ultraviolet and infrared light emissions from the welding arc

can cause such damages. The same ultraviolet emissions can also harm

any unprotected skin. Most skin damage is comparable to a sunburn and

can occur quickly hence the term “flash burn”.


out proper knowledge and safety precautions welding can be both

dangerous and unhealthy. Most welding processes involve an arc flame, so

the risk of facial and flesh burns is very high. Jackson welding

helmets are durable and dependable, they significantly reduce any risk

of injury, and allow for quality work to be done both safely and

effectively. These helmets are specifically designed for optimal

protection of the eyes. Standard welding helmets protect the eyes from

ultraviolet emissions released during multiple arc welding processes;

exposure to these emissions result in inflammation of the cornea and is

known as arc eye or ultraviolet keratitis. It’s very important to find a

United States Industry approved helmet that covers all necessary

security features and provides sufficient protection to prevent or

greatly reduce any and all risks of injury resulting in personal harm or

physical damage.


models of welding helmets were worn up during most welding operations.

Traditionally, the welder would work with the helmet in an up position

and pay close attention to his work. When the worker began an arc

welding process (arc welding, shielding metal arc welding, gas tungsten

arc welding, and gas metal arc welding) he would need to nod his head

for the helmet to fall into place for protection. This was necessary

because the older helmets were harder to see out of while working.

However, the newer models such as Jackson welding helmets have easy

viewing liquid crystal display screens that automatically adjust to

differential light. The newer model helmets can therefore be worn down

at all times which increases protection, and reduces the risks of injury

and accidents. Most welding helmets are likely to age especially due to

the rugged nature in which they are used. Over time, cracks and can

reduce the potential protection any welding helmet can offer.

Specifically, a cracked helmet will reduce protection from ultraviolet

and infrared rays. Accordingly, welding helmets should provide full

protection from the electromagnetic emissions both ultraviolet and

infrared even when the the liquid crystal display screen is not

darkened; to remain protected at all times it would be prudent to

purchase a quality helmet that would provide protection for a reasonable

period of time without needing to be repaired or replaced.


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