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March 6th, 2011

Welding Machine

High Frequency Welding Machinery – Control Desk Manufacturers

We manufacture mimic control desk that are used for accurate demonstration of process plant where control panels and desks are used. Through this panel one can view the whole plant sitting at one place so that we can easily recognize the status of operation or fault. These panels are used for remote operation of process, machines, turbines, generators etc.

These are used in different plants such as cement, refineries, steel, plastic extrusion lines, thermoforming lines etc .Widely applicable in different process control industries, our control desks are especially designed by our technocrats to make them comply with the highest quality parameters.

Control desks perform the following functions:

=> Controlling and monitoring of various electrical motors and loads of an electrical system

=> Protection against various electrical faults

=> Ensures better, smooth and trouble free electrical life of various electrical machines

=> Save energy of an electrical system.

We are offering a wide range of desk panels that are widely used for control, fault annunciation, hooter, and instrumentation. Our workforce works under expert guidance to ensure best quality to our clients. These desk panels are highly efficient, robust in design and require low maintenance. Our range is available at best competitive prices and in customized specifications welding machinery.

HIGH-FREQUENCY WELDING is a welding process in which the heat source used to melt the joining surfaces is obtained from high-frequency (HF) alternating current (ac) resistance heating. High-frequency current has certain characteristics that make it useful for welding. Unlike direct current (dc) or low-frequency alternating current, HF current tends to flow at high densities along surfaces (skin effect) and seeks adjacent parallel surfaces for its return path (proximity effect).

High-frequency currents can be supplied to the welding process or work piece by using either an induction coil (known as high-frequency induction welding, HFIW) or electrical contacts (known as high-frequency resistance welding, HFRW). The high frequency welding machine utilizes the computer or central processing unit, various means for sensing various parameters of the welding machine, and various means for activating various components of the machine.

In particular, the computer maintains information on the parameters of the welding machine and automatically selects the necessary commands for the various components of the machine. High frequency is also used to heat tube ends or strip prior to forge butt welding, but these are less common techniques. Finned tube can be produced by welding a strip to the tube, either spirally or longitudinally, using the HF contact welding method. Our purpose is to lead the tube & pipe market in quality welding and heating equipment by providing flexible and innovative systems designed to produce superior, cost effective products for tube & pipe producers.

The workhorse of the tube and pipe industry has been the high frequency (HF) vacuum tube welder. Recently, an increasing number of producers have been installing the HF solid-state welder, in part because of its efficiency, compact design, and high power factor. Many vacuum tube welders are still in use, however, and operators need to be just as knowledgeable about current
vacuum tubes
maintenance and troubleshooting techniques as they are about solid-state procedures Pipe welders use heat to permanently join metal pipes.


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