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August 13th, 2011

Welding Mask

Dead Rising 2: Combo Cards Locations Guide [Pics]

Do you like Dead Rising 2? If you are a Dead Rising 2 fan, you will like the combo cards locations guide. It is a full introduction about Dead Rising 2 combo cards location. You can know more about Dead Rising 2 combo cards location with it.

You can experiment right off the bat with combining items together to create combo weapons, however, to get the most PP from the weapons you’ll need to own the combo card (there are 50 in total). Most are gained via levelling up Chuck, whereas some of the others are gained via rescuing particular survivors or hidden throughout the city. Refer to the map for the Survivors and hidden cards.

Our Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards locations guide will help you find secrets to unlocking all 50 of the special weapons available for Chuck Greene to crack some undead skull with in the game.

Combo Cards tell you what items are needed to combine in order to create an all-new weapon. Weapons can be created in “Combo Rooms” spread out across the various environments throughout your adventure. Each of these Combo Rooms feature a Workbench where Chuck can work his welding magic to create something even deadlier than what he had.

Although a Combo Card is not required to combine items, you will get a Prestige Points (or PP) bonus for that particular new weapon if you have a Combo Card in your possession when you mix two items to create the new weapon. But you are given free reign to experiment and discover new weapons at your leisure whether you have a Combo Card for that new weapon or not. Also, creating your own weapons will give you a scratch card for every combo weapon you create without using a combo card, although you’ll need the card to get the high PP when using the weapon to kill zombies.

Most of the new weapons you can create are logical. For example if you mix a Box of Nails with a Baseball Bat, you get the “Spiked Bat” weapon, which is self-explanatory. However, some weapons are not-so-obvious. If you mix a Flashlight with a “Gem” (found in the Jewelery store), you get . . . . A LIGHTSABER! Er, I mean, a “Beam Sword”. Naturally.

As mentioned, there are a total of 50 combo cards available and below are some of the crazy wepon combinations we have found in game. By
combo cards and using the weapons you create, you can unlock these achievements/trophies: Needs More Chainsaw (20G), Duct Tape FTW (20G), Curiously Inventive (20G), Life Saver (20G), Tough Guy (20G), Half Deck (20G), and Full Deck (20G). Read our achievements guide linked in the index at the top to find out what each one is exactly, but suffice it to say you need to collect a lot of combo cards.

Get to the combo card you need help finding by pressing the “CTRL” and the “F” keys on your keyboard at the same time to search for the name of the combo you want help on. Now let’s get started!

Air Horn

Items to Combine: Pylon + (Blue) Spray Paint

Description: Use the power of sound to defeat enemies.

Beer Hat

Items to Combine: Construction Hat + Bottle of Beer


Items to Combine: Bow and Arrow + Dynamite

Description: Shoot arrows of fire to ignite enemies!


Items to Combine: Pitchfork + Shotgun


Items to Combine: Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe


Items to Combine: Power Drill + Spear

Drill Bucket

Items to Combine: Power Drill + Bucket

Description: Dunk the helmet onto zombie heads. D.I.Y. dental work at its finest.


Items to Combine: Hunk of Meat + Dynamite

Description: Lob this towards a nearby zombie then stand back. It won’t be able to contain its hunger.

Electric Chair

Items to Combine: Wheelchair + Battery

Electric Rake

Items to Combine: Battery + Leaf Rake

Description: Powerful arcs of electricity will fry any zombie within reach.

Fire Spitter

Items to Combine: Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch

Description: Press to fire flaming balls towars the enemy.


Items to Combine: Water Gun + Gasoline Canister

Description: Experts agree: Jets of fire make an effective zombie repellant!

Flaming Gloves

Items to Combine:
Gloves + Motor Oil

Fountain Lizard

Items to Combine: Lizard Mask + Fountain Firework

Gem Blower

Items to Combine: Gems + Leaf Blower

Hail Mary

Items to Combine: Football + Grenade

Hail Mary

Items to Combine: Football + Grenade


Items to Combine: Toy Helicopter + Machete


Items to Combine: Box of Nails + Propane Tank

Description: Slam this onto a zombie and open fire from a distance. The carnage is worth the extra effort!


Items to Combine: Whiskey Bottle + Newspaper


Items to Combine: Canoe Paddle + Chainsaw

Pole Weapon

Items to Combine: Push Broom + Machete


Items to Combine: Cement Saw + Saw Blade

Rocket Launcher

Items to Combine: Rocket Fireworks + Lead Pipe

Description: A steady stream of pyrotechnics create the perfect show of lights and gore!

Snowball Cannon

Items to Combine: Fire Extinguisher + Water Gun

Spiked Bat

Items to Combine: Box of Nails + Baseball Bat

Sticky Bomb

Items to Combine: Lawn Dart + Dynamite


Items to Combine: MMA Gloves + Box of Nails


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