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Welding Project Ideas:

September 3rd, 2008

Thanks to the ongoing processes of technology – which, after something has been invented, tend to steadily simplify it, make it cheaper, and make it more suitable for general use through miniaturization and suchlike developments – welders are now available to the general public at a relatively inexpensive cost. Compact, high-quality, low-cost portable welders are now marketed which offer any handyman or tinkerer the opportunity to make use of this extremely convenient joining method.

The uses of welding are many and varied, ranging from the aesthetic to the practical, from small, intricate objects to large ones such as the frames for light outbuildings. A welder can be used in automotive work, for example. Resistance spot welding is often used to fit sheet metal patches into body panels where areas of rust or severe damage have been cut away, using resistance spot welding technology because ordinary spot welders cannot touch both sides of many car panels due to their being welded to the frame. MIG welding is often used for fixing patches in place as well, with initial spot welds to tack the new metal in place and a continuous weld to finish the job off.

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